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Blinds on the balcony

As a result, in dormitory areas, building, as they say, “window to window, eye to eye” is not at all uncommon, but rather the rule. And, if you remove the glazing of the balconies, the smells from someone else’s kitchen may well mix with the aromas of your cooking, creating an atmosphere that any Indian market could well envy in terms of exotic mixing.

So the new settlers then suffer: either willy-nilly to observe the entire private life of the neighbors opposite (and, accordingly, demonstrate their own), or somehow urgently solve this problem, limiting – at least visually – access to their personal space.

However, curtained balcony windows are rare, you must agree. Take a closer look: it is good if on one balcony out of a dozen there are light tulle curtains that perform more a decorative than a protective function. Probably, many people believe that the balcony itself is a sufficient “buffer” between the street and the living area of ​​the apartment, limiting visibility.

But any resident of a standard building, nevertheless, regularly has to watch the defile of neighbors along the loggia in half-dressed form. Either the mother of the family in negligee decides to hang out the linen, forgetting about the excellent visibility of this spectacle, then the tired dad in “family” type underwear will look on the balcony to smoke an evening cigarette …

Blinds and blinds

Remember: glazing of balconies protects much better from dirt and precipitation than from prying eyes! Therefore, additional “shielding” still does not hurt. However, there is another problem: in most cases, the balcony needs to be “curtained” in such a way as to maintain sufficient light transmission. Not to mention the houseplants, which are often grown here and need sunlight, a darkened balcony will create a permafrost atmosphere in the adjoining living room. Therefore, dense draperies will not work.

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The ideal option is blinds or blinds, mounted directly on the glass, and not “in the overlay” to the frame.

In addition, in the standard building, balconies are rarely planned for a large area, and this point must also be taken into account: after all, under the ceiling, in addition to the cornice, it will also be necessary to place, for example, a hanging clothes dryer. Most likely, you will have to abandon the lambrequins, since the balcony door will cling to them when opening. The ideal option is roller blinds or blinds mounted directly on the glass, and not “in the overlay” to the frame. They will in no way interfere with the rotation of the window packages in any position, and the light transmission, if necessary, is regulated by literally one movement. Their cleaning will also not cause any trouble to the hostess: it is enough to use a vacuum cleaner once a month.

However, if sliding balcony glazing is installed, this option may not be the best. In this case, it is more correct to consider a more standard, “cornice” method. A lightweight fabric is suitable as a material – organza or a veil, quite transparent from the inside, but impenetrable to prying eyes from the outside. Floor length for a balcony is rather an excess; in a small space, such curtains will look heavy, making the room visually even narrower. It is better to limit yourself to the length of the windowsill. It is also undesirable to get carried away with the luxurious decor on the sides. The currently very fashionable Roman blinds look neat and stylish, which, by the way, thanks to the weighting bar at the bottom, do not come into disorder under the influence of the wind.

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The cost greatly depends on the materials used and can range from $ 100. to an infinitely large number. But remember: your privacy is definitely more expensive.!


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