Choosing modern wooden euro windows

According to statistics, wooden euro-windows with built-in double-glazed windows are in great demand among ordinary buyers. There are many reasons for this popularity..

First of all, they have excellent insulating properties. In addition, wooden windows do not allow cold and wind to pass through, they are absolutely harmless, as they are made of materials of natural origin. Modern wooden euro-windows are appreciated for their excellent appearance. They are able to fit into the interior of almost any furnished living space..

Choosing modern wooden euro windows

Well-made windows are able to serve without repair for a rather long period, which can exceed more than fifty years. In this regard, they can be compared with plastic windows..

It should be noted that the production of wooden euro-windows is a rather complicated technological procedure. The production of modern wooden euro-windows is a very laborious process..

There are a number of individual nuances that are important to consider when choosing a new wooden euro-window. Try to select a window profile made not from solid parts of wood, but from durable glued beams. In addition, the wood must not contain a soft core..

Take a close look at the corners of the profile. The presence of annual rings, roughness, knots, hidden resin pockets indicates that your new wooden euro window will rather quickly begin to lose its integral shape, and will deform at an accelerated rate..

Choosing modern wooden euro windows

Do not buy a window with nails nailed to the sash. Signs of poor quality can be considered the presence of glazing beads, oily or knocked out of the grooves of the seal, unpolished rusts (vertically and horizontally located joints of the shutters).

The best option here may well be the acquisition of a window profile made of dense coniferous wood, for example, the same pine or Siberian larch. You can also use wooden euro windows made of such types of wood as chestnut, oak, ash.

When choosing a wooden profile, pay attention to the quality of the wood impregnation with a special composition. Its task is to prevent the wood from drying out as much as possible. The better the impregnation, the longer the wood will serve.

The quality of a modern wooden window directly depends on a properly installed glass unit. A poor-quality double-glazed window will not keep internal heat well. In addition, the low quality of the glass unit noticeably affects the light transmission capacity of the window. In this regard, double-glazed windows made in Finland and Germany have proven themselves very well. If you wish, you can purchase double-glazed windows of domestic production.

In order for the installed euro window to reliably retain the heat inside the apartment and not let the street noise through, you will need to purchase a double or even triple glass unit. For greater reliability, a wooden window is treated from the outside with a protective sealant, a special water-repellent gel and upholstered with durable metal plates.

People who buy Euro windows usually expect a long service life of this product. The durability of the window depends on another important factor – the quality of the fittings used..

Choosing modern wooden euro windows

When buying fittings, it is important to focus not only on the appearance of the materials, but also be sure to pay attention to the established reputation of the manufacturer. There are several clear leaders in the market segment for the production of quality window fittings. The Roto NT brand is quite popular. The products of this company are appreciated, first of all, for the strength of the fittings, the ability to withstand a fairly large load for decades..

There is no need to believe those companies who say that wooden euro windows are cheaper than plastic counterparts. In fact, a high-quality wooden euro window is quite expensive. The final cost of the product is influenced by a number of important factors, namely: the use of high-quality materials of natural origin, sophisticated production technology, the labor cost of experienced professionals, transportation and logistics, the reputation of the manufacturer of euro windows.

By purchasing a cheap wooden window, you can run into a one-day firm. As a rule, these are ordinary resellers who, having sold all their goods, can disappear with the ends, leaving their customers to fend for themselves..

To make sure of the solidity of the enterprise, ask managers to show their production capacity. It is also advisable to consider the available certificates, examine samples of products. In a reputable company, you will definitely be given detailed advice, they will explain all the small nuances.

Choosing modern wooden euro windows

A high-quality wooden euro-window is usually purchased with the expectation of long-term operation, which amounts to decades of work without repair. In addition, the duration of the service life of a wooden euro window directly depends on systematic and competent care..

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