Choosing the best windows

Everyone has come across a situation where windows need to be replaced. This choice is especially acute in the repair or construction of housing (apartment). There are three types (types) of windows. These are wooden windows, aluminum windows, and also plastic windows. Below we will briefly review the advantages and disadvantages of each type of window. What will help you make a choice in favor of one of the listed types of windows.

Window selection

In the manufacture of wooden windows, a natural material is used – wood. This gives such windows the property of good heat capacity (does not allow heat to pass through) and sound insulation. The disadvantage is their exposure to the external environment, that is, under the influence of humidity, temperature changes, etc., deformation of the wooden structure of windows occurs. Gaps and gaps appear between the wooden frame and the base of the window. This does not contribute to good heat transfer, sound begins to pass through strongly. The tree is prone to decay. That means wooden windows too. In order to somehow reduce this, to increase the period of its useful qualities, the surfaces of wooden windows are painted (painted). The composition of the paints contains harmful substances that, when the paint layer dries, enter the apartment. People with asthma suffer the most from this. Wood is an expensive material and windows made from it are not cheap.

Wooden windows

Due to its lightness and strength, it is often used for various purposes, not only in the construction and renovation of houses. This metal interacts almost immediately with atmospheric oxygen. As a result of this oxidative reaction (air oxygen and aluminum), a very strong film is formed over the entire surface of this metal. It (oxide film) protects the aluminum metal and prevents it from interacting with other substances. This beneficial property prevents the formation of harmful substances and chemical compounds hazardous to health. Windows made of aluminum look better on administrative, public buildings. They give more formality to their appearance. Therefore, aluminum windows are very rarely found in residential buildings. Aluminum, like any metal, is subject to change in its shape at different temperatures.

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Aluminum windows

Today, plastic is the most widespread. It is a very cheap material, easy to process. Many household items are made from it, for example toys, furniture, dishes. Windows made of plastic are no exception. Not susceptible to decay, noise and sound insulation, resistance to weather conditions and exposure to dust. Unlike wooden windows, they do not need to be painted. Ease of installation of windows and the ability to install double or triple glazing (a set that includes 2 or 3 glasses) give it excellent performance properties. Plastic windows require virtually no maintenance. Recently, most people prefer the installation of plastic windows..

Plastic windows

When renovating an apartment, they try to replace old and already worn out wooden windows with plastic windows. All firms engaged in the installation of plastic windows use various technologies that are installed by window manufacturers. This affects the cost and quality of the installation of plastic windows. Therefore, before deciding in favor of a particular brand and company installing these windows, it is necessary to use outside help. Collect as much information as possible, see how such plastic windows behave in practical use and care, for example, go to neighbors and friends. Today, the technologies for the production and installation of plastic windows are so widely represented that it is easy to choose plastic windows for a specific (individual) use.

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