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Ventilators – special devices for airing premises – appeared in Russia not so long ago. Actually, they appeared in the world relatively recently. The problem of ventilation has always been solved mainly by forced ventilation. Moreover, this applied primarily to work premises isolated from the external environment. And living rooms usually still had windows to the street, which were a constant source of fresh air..


Everything changed with the invention of double-glazed windows. Designed to minimize heat loss, they no longer allow air to pass through – unlike the usual wooden frames with gaps and gaps.
Of course, no one bothers to open the sashes of plastic windows manually – for ventilation. Or do not close them at all. But this is not very convenient for obvious reasons. After all, why do we need double-glazed windows at all, if we don’t close the windows?

At the same time, it is impossible to leave living rooms without airing for a long time. And there is nothing to breathe, and the humidity of the air rises so much that water begins to flow down the glass. Especially in the kitchen.

Therefore, the emergence of special devices for airing premises was a logical step in progress. After all, not everyone has a few thousand euros extra to equip an apartment with a split-air conditioning system with an inflow of outside air, and not everyone has a desire to get involved with complex equipment. Ventilators in this sense are both much simpler and cheaper..
Actually, it is simplicity, convenience and efficiency that have become the reason for their success and widespread use. In many Western European countries, the mandatory use of ventilators is enshrined in legislative and regulatory acts..

Nobody appreciates home comfort more than Europeans. Therefore, the German company Siegenia-Aubi, being one of the world leaders in the production of window fittings with double-glazed windows, has long been developing and supplying a variety of ventilators to the European market..
Siegenia-Aubi ventilators are a true European style: convenience, simplicity and naturalness, without complicated control algorithms and unnecessary functions.

Ventilators protect the living space and create comfort in it. They only let air in, but at the same time reliably prevent the penetration of noise, dust and insects.
All Siegenia-Aubi ventilators make the owners’ life not only more comfortable, but also safer. They allow you to ventilate the room in the absence of the owners without the risk of intruders entering through the vents.
In addition, open windows are always a temptation for young children left unattended. And ventilators provide fresh air with reliably closed windows.

Siegenia-Aubi devices use natural air flow due to the pressure difference outside and inside the house. The difference occurs due to the fact that the heated air inside the room is lighter than the cold air outside, as well as as a result of the exhaust ventilation.
The power of the air flow is regulated in the simplest and most reliable way: air valves are used that close in strong winds and open completely in calm weather. In addition, of course, the throughput of the valves can be adjusted independently – manually.
If there is no wind and the pressure difference is not enough to quickly ventilate the rooms, built-in minifans come into play. They are found in most Siegenia-Aubi models. Moreover, minifans work almost silently.

Ventilators are also needed for exhaust ventilation. The fact is that by itself it does not provide an influx of fresh air. In order for the exhaust ventilation devices, including the kitchen hood, to work properly, it is imperative to use ventilators. If the hood is running continuously, the outside air flow must also be constant. And it cannot be replaced by manual ventilation – from time to time.

We have already said above that ventilators help to reduce excess air humidity in an apartment. However, the main criterion of comfort for a person is still not the humidity of the air, but its freshness. The air must be clean so that you can breathe calmly.
That is why Siegenia-Aubi offers ventilation systems with a pollution sensor – SENSOAIR for lovers of fresh air and modern technologies. The sensor reacts to an increased content of impurities – to an increased content of carbon dioxide, to nicotine, to a high level of concentration of chemical compounds, which are contained, for example, in cleaning and detergents or furniture. In addition, SENSOAIR shows the parameters of the air condition using a light bulb that lights up in different colors depending on the nature and degree of pollution – to the delight of connoisseurs of technical gadgets.

Finally, energy-saving properties of Siegenia-Aubi ventilators are very important for economical Europeans. The heat recovery function can significantly reduce the energy consumption for heating. This is especially important for private homes where there is no central heating.
However, even in Russian conditions – even despite the fact that prices for central heating in our country have not yet approached European ones – the heat-saving properties of ventilators are important and useful. Especially in winter.

Siegenia-Aubi ventilators are a step towards European quality of life, a modern device designed and manufactured in Germany that provides a new level of comfort and protection.
At the same time, the cost of any ventilator together with the installation is absolutely not European, but quite adapted to Russian reality. Since the devices themselves and their installation are quite simple.
What’s more important: ventilators can be installed not only during construction or renovation! They can be easily installed in finished walls and in the frames of already installed windows. As a rule, installation of ventilators does not require any architectural approvals..

You can find out more about Siegenia-Aubi ventilators and where they are sold on the website of the Russian representative office of the company

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