Do-it-yourself installation of metal-plastic windows

So, you have decided on the choice of the window, evaluating it in the ratio: “price-quality”, and decided to independently install the finished product. According to the existing logic, windows made using progressive technologies by reputable manufacturers are not cheap. Therefore, customers who decide to purchase such products prefer to entrust the installation of windows to specialists. But there are exceptions: someone is ready to spend money on a high-quality window system, but does not want to give money for its installation either. Relying on their own skill, such a client starts the installation himself.

Do-it-yourself installation of metal-plastic windows

For such an enterprise to ultimately succeed, the initiator of the installation must be careful and careful. It is unnecessary to say that the window delivered to the customer was made according to the dimensions of the existing opening. Therefore, the installation process of the unit eliminates the need for measurements. The main task is the correct placement of the window in the opening, temporary fixation, the actual fasteners and sealing the assembly joint. All subsequent operations can be performed only after the filling compound has completely hardened..

The available window openings can be of two types: with a quarter and without a quarter. The technology for installing windows in both cases is not the same. In the past, a quarter was a traditional element. Its advantage is that the window frame installed in the opening is better protected from atmospheric influences, and the gap that remains between the window and the wall of the building is located only on the inside. In addition, the quarter serves as a guideline: it limits the degree of the frame extending outward and excludes the possibility of its “sinking” inward.

However, the requirements for modern installation include maximum sealing, in which the joint between the window system and the wall of the building should not have any cavities. But even with the most ideal quarter, there will be a gap between its inner side and the outer part of the frame, providing unwanted “ventilation” of the room. To eliminate this “effect”, the outer side of the window block (included in the quarter) along the perimeter is supplied with a sealing vapor barrier tape (PSUL). It is even recommended to squeeze this material a little so that the entire window system fits as tightly as possible to the quarter. In the optimal position, after filling the joint with polyurethane foam, its “flakes” will not be squeezed out.

Do-it-yourself installation of metal-plastic windows

In addition to the vapor barrier tape, a waterproof tape (butyl rubber) is also used. It is pasted over the ends of the window block around the perimeter. This material prevents the penetration of moisture, including that which forms during sudden temperature changes. It is necessary to use such a tape for any type of opening..

It should be remembered that the window structure is horizontal and vertical. For this, the appropriate tools are used, primarily the building level. Then the exposed system must be temporarily fixed (for example, with wooden wedges), and special mounting plates and self-tapping screws with a plastic stopper are used to fasten the window block; although rapidly evolving technologies may offer alternative means.

Efforts when performing fasteners must be commensurate with the pursued goal: the window must be securely “planted” in the opening, but in no case deformed. After the final fixation of the system, but not later than you start blowing the joints, all aids must be removed (wedges, spacers, linings, etc.). Excess foam is removed (cut off) after it hardens, and then you can proceed to the device of the slopes. Do not neglect such a “trifle”: the brand of polyurethane foam must correspond to the season during which the work is performed.

Sometimes, the owners are puzzled by the question – when is it better to install windows: in summer or in winter? We used to think like this: in summer it is warmer, and in winter it is cheaper. In fact, the difference in the cost of services (if the installation is made by a company) is not so great (up to 10%), however, the degree of quality of both the product itself and its installation in the cold season will reveal itself earlier. Do not be afraid of “cooling down” the apartment: the whole procedure will take a maximum of 1.5 hours. Of course, it is better to refrain from installing a window if the temperature “outside the window” is below minus 10 degrees.

Do-it-yourself installation of metal-plastic windows

And finally, a reminder to those who decided to do all the work on their own, but have no experience in this area. Be careful and careful! Take care of observing all safety measures, especially when the unit has to be mounted in the opening at a quarter. Under no circumstances work without an assistant, control and coordinate all actions: the weight of the window structure is large enough, so do not endanger both your own and the lives of other people.

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