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Any kind, even the most stylish, high-rise buildings today “adorn” the windows of the first floors braided with twigs. To protect against the penetration of burglars, various grilles remain the most popular means. Few people know that there has long been a way to secure a home without disfiguring its appearance. In most cases, installing burglar-proof windows will help avoid the visit of intruders..

The latest solutions in the field of system security for window technology were recently presented by the German group of companies ZIGENIA-AUBI. Of course, you can open even the most “sophisticated” safe, but if we are talking about a short-term absence of the owners, in this case the innovative solutions of German engineers will come in handy. Usually, scammers simply squeeze out the unprotected doors, which takes several seconds, or penetrate through the window. A window with the new TITAN AF hardware system has up to 7 burglar-proof points already in the basic set. Their role is played by rotating locking pins, mushroom-shaped in cross-section, in combination with counterparts on the frame. They are made of high quality steel and prevent the sash from being lifted or squeezed out. The need for special tools and possible noise will most likely force attackers to abandon their plans.

Like all products manufactured in Germany, the TITAN AF hardware system has been tested by the independent Window Institute in Rosenheim (Germany) for compliance with German quality standards, analogs of our GOSTs – DIN (named after the German Institute for Standardization Deutsches Institut für Normung). According to DIN 18104-2, which defines the requirements and test methods for mounting elements that reduce the risk of burglary using lever devices, these fittings are designed to implement any burglar resistance class (WK). The level of protection is increased by installing special locking plates, and the modular principle of all ZIGENI-AUBI fittings allows you to retrofit an already finished window with such protection. It is only important when ordering to select a product with any TITAN AF configuration.

Increased reliability, operational comfort and thoughtfulness to the smallest detail are the main characteristics of the TITAN AF system. Structural strength is realized in the performance of almost every unit and detail. For example, reinforced pins in the bottom hinge hold the sash down by penetrating deep into the window profile. Thus, the sash is held not by screws in plastic, but by powerful 6 mm pins. And the reinforced fastening of the upper (scissor) hinge also serves the stability and durability of the entire structure. Burglary protection (even when the sash is tilted) is ensured by the fact that all screws and the countersunk pin of the hinge support are hidden. Or, take the new TITAN VV hidden hinge group. Here, a variety of appropriate solutions makes it possible to raise the protection to the level of WK2 – anti-burglary with the use of tools (screwdriver, pliers, chisel).

Fittings are not just a set of elements for connecting the sash and frame. The continuous integration of electronic components meets the growing demands and perceptions of comfort and safety. ZIGENIA-AUBI offers “smart assistants” with whom it will be even easier to manage window equipment: electromechanical handles operating from a remote control, various control systems for the state of locking elements that can be associated with burglar alarms, etc..

These capabilities take TITAN AF to a whole new level of safety, offering window manufacturers unique arguments for choosing the most advanced window technology..


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