Eurowindows made of wood, what you need to know when installing

Euro windows

And especially now the environmental friendliness of all materials used in any business is important. Therefore, now it is more expedient to install wooden windows, which have a number of advantages. And even the very fact that they are made of wood is good news. It is also an indisputable fact that they provide air circulation even with tightly closed windows. The “breath” of the windows does not mean that they will see through, as it is with simple ventilation.

Making from wood is not easy. Such a manufacturing process is quite laborious, because at all levels you need to observe all the subtleties with high accuracy. The first step is to dry the wood. The quality of the material in general depends largely on drying.

Eurowindows made of wood

Before sawing, she is allowed to lie down for a while in a closed room, after drying. Next, the wood is sawn into lamellas, which in the future will become beams of the appropriate size.

The third stage is the formation of already half-finished materials. At this stage, all natural visible defects are removed: knots, carpentry karma, bringing the finished material to perfection. This is followed by gluing the bars soaked in advance in glue, placing them under a special press, after which they are in this state under high pressure for about a day.

After the manufacture of a three-layer bar, they begin to develop a profile. Standard profiles are made on special machines. Custom-made or non-standard sizes are made by hand, and almost without the use of machines.

After the profile is already ready, you can start assembling the window from wood. It includes many works, such as putty, sanding, coating with a special coating that protects the wood from external factors. This work takes quite a lot of time, but quality comes first..

The fittings are installed after the paint has dried, along with the installation of the rest of the parts made of high-quality material. It remains to insert the sash with a glass unit into the finished frame, and fix it with special anchor bolts.

Minor shortcomings after manufacturing a wooden euro window must pass quality control, and if minor shortcomings are found, they are immediately eliminated.

When it has been tested that the quality has justified itself, the entire structure is sent to the warehouse, and after that it is delivered to the customer’s place.

Installation of wooden windows

There are two ways to install wooden windows. The first is by drilling the window edge. It is carried out in a disassembled state without double-glazed windows and a sash. This installation method has a small drawback, when installed on the surface of the window, traces of work remain. The second method is more laconic, it uses the so-called questionnaire plates – as an element during installation. This type of installation is popular due to the fact that the appearance during installation does not suffer as in the example with the previous view..

During installation, the euro-window is fixed in the lower corners of the frame with the help of support blocks in order to keep it in the desired position.

Taking into account possible temperature differences, we achieve the fastening positions we need during installation.

After the final fixation of the window, all pads together with the linings must be removed. The slots remaining in their places must be tightly closed. You don’t need to use cotton wool or tape for this. A special sealant will do. Apply polyurethane foam. The grooves on the outside of the window should not scare you off either – they are needed for maximum bonding with the opening, using foam.

To ensure yourself with confidence in the long service life of your windows, use only high-quality materials. Take care of reliable protection both inside and outside.

The main thing during the installation is the choice of professional specialists who are able to reliably install windows, following the technologies. Installation of eurowindows made of wood requires knowledge of many features related to weather conditions, the structure of windows, features of materials.

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