Faberglass-composite (FGK) as a replacement for PVC and metal for windows and doors

Does your apartment have plastic windows? If not, then there is no need to put them! Plastic windows have become obsolete when they just started spreading in Russia. Plastic windows are now being replaced by composite windows. Meet Faberglass Composite – Material for 21st Century Windows and Doors!

Faberglass composite

Today plastic windows are more popular than ever. Polyvinyl chloride is a comfortable and modern material. It does not have the disadvantages of metal and wood. The wood suffers from dampness, is susceptible to mold, bugs, warps and, moreover, burns perfectly. High dry air also harms wooden structures: cracks and deformations appear in them, which reduces the already low strength of the material.

Metal is not afraid of the shortcomings of wood, it is protected from corrosion by processing with a special composition (for example, etching and anodizing), and in addition, the metal is much stronger. But metal structures “suffer” from high thermal conductivity and weight, so they are not very suitable for window sashes. A compromise option would be to use aluminum, but it is more expensive than other metals and steel.

Faberglass-composite (FGK) as a replacement for PVC and metal for windows and doors

Plastic eliminates some of the shortcomings of wood and metal. Plastic is not afraid of corrosion, decay. Externally, the plastic looks technologically advanced and pleasant to the touch. In terms of thermal conductivity, plastic is on par with wood. The strength of plastic is one of the main drawbacks, due to which all plastic profiles must be reinforced with metal inserts, which make the final products more expensive and less elegant. The softness of the plastic, its susceptibility to scratches and temperature deformations, makes it necessary to reconfigure the window fittings twice a year. summer and winter temperature fluctuations lead to the loss of tightness of the plastic window and to a change in its dimensions. In addition, the adverse impact of plastic on the environment has not disappeared either..

But the biggest drawback of plastic is aging. PVC changes its properties over time: it becomes brittle, begins to warp, even crack. Temperature changes, bright sunlight and oxygen only lead to accelerated aging.


Even plastic has serious drawbacks. And Europe was the first to react to them: the use of plastic there in construction is limited.

So what material will plastic replace? Faberglass composite.

What is this material? Firstly, it is a composite material, and secondly, it is a material with predetermined properties. The FGC structure is based on glass fibers specially oriented and bonded with a heat-resistant resin, which occupy up to 70% of the composite by volume. This is a truly high-tech material.

Faberglass-composite has successfully embodied the best properties of traditional materials and got rid of their disadvantages. FGK is stronger than steel, therefore, structures made of it do not require reinforcement; in addition, FGK itself is often used as reinforcement. The strength of the FGK allows us to produce unprecedentedly thin window frames with bindings – only 3.5 cm! Even the most expensive and high-quality plastic windows are not made so thin. The thermal conductivity of FGK is the same as that of wood, and the new material is painted just as easily. No harmful effects and emissions from FGK emanate, even at high temperatures, therefore this material is much more attractive than plastic. FGK practically does not deform, but according to this indicator it is inferior to wood. FGK windows do not require seasonal readjustment, as was required to be done with plastic windows. FGK is spared from the main disadvantage of PVC – aging, any bad weather is not terrible for it, it is practically an eternal material. The wide range of operating temperatures (-700 C … +700 C) FGK makes this material ideal for designing window and door systems in Russian conditions.

The indicated advantages of faberglass composite make it more and more popular in construction. Therefore, if you do not have plastic windows yet or you are going to install them, pay attention to FGK. This material is the most modern in the world. In addition, new FGK windows can cost you even less than high-quality plastic double-glazed windows.

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