Facade glazing – a fashionable trend in architecture

Facade glazing

Today, facade glazing, which is rightfully considered one of the brightest architectural solutions, is mainly used in the construction or reconstruction of shopping and office complexes, but more and more often these structures can also be found on the facades of residential buildings and cottages..

The DOMKOM Window Technologies company uses glass and aluminum to create structures for facade glazing. The advantage of the latter, in addition to lightness, strength, heat and sound insulation, is flexibility, thanks to which windows and showcases can be given almost any shape.

The main types of facade glazing that give any structure a feeling of openness and airiness include panoramic glazing or the so-called. “French windows”, spider and stained glass glazing.

Depending on the wishes and capabilities of the customer, laminated, tempered or reinforced glasses with various protection classes are used for glazing. So, class “A” glass is able to withstand accidental impacts, class “B” glass protects buildings from penetration, but protection class “B” includes high-strength bullet-proof glass.

Plastic windows DOMKOM

In addition to facade glazing, DOMKOM Window Technologies specializes in the manufacture and installation of plastic windows. DOMKOM plastic windows from the German KBE profile, which has firmly conquered the Russian market due to its high quality and environmental friendliness, can be ordered from the company’s offices located in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Plastic windows

The company’s specialists accompany clients at all stages of work, from advice on the choice of plastic windows, measuring window openings, delivery and installation of PVC products, and ending with warranty service, within which all problems will be eliminated free of charge within five years.

The company “DOMKOM Window Technologies” also provides services for the production and installation of stationary and mobile office partitions, PVC doors, installation of wooden windows, glazing of balconies and loggias.


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