Home craftsman: DIY plastic window repair

Modern plastic windows have a very convenient and reliable design, but even they can break during operation. For troubleshooting, many owners call specialists from the service center. At the same time, there are minor malfunctions that can be easily corrected on your own..

Home craftsman: DIY plastic window repair

All that is required is some knowledge of the window structure, machine oil for lubrication, a hex wrench, and a rubber seal. Consider here the most common breakdowns of PVC windows and the possibility of their elimination.

Fault number 1:when turning, the window handle clicks and creaks. One of the reasons may be dirt or sand getting into the fittings. To fix the problem, simply clean the entire hardware system, and then lubricate all parts with machine oil..

Home craftsman: DIY plastic window repair

Fault number 2:draft from the window. In this case, most likely, the strike plate is to blame, which loosened and stopped pressing the locking pin. To fix it, put the trunnion into the so-called winter mode. Check how well the striker engages with the trunnion, adjust (slide) the strap. In addition, a damaged sealant may also be the culprit in drafts. If you notice scuffs or cracks on it, then you need to install a new rubber seal, which can be purchased from the same company that installed the windows. Or in any other organization that sells windows.

Home craftsman: DIY plastic window repair

However, it can also blow from the window due to improper installation of the window structure. And in this case, you will hardly be able to fix the problems yourself; it is better to entrust this task to professionals. They will dismantle the window and install it again – now as it should. In very rare cases, there is a factory defect in window structures – for example, the size of the window sash does not meet the required standards. There is only one thing left – to replace the sash completely.

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Fault number 3:frost and freezing of windows. The reason is the broken tightness, which, as you know, is the main advantage of a plastic window. To restore it, the window must be adjusted, and only a very experienced specialist can do this..

Fault No. 4:freezing of the window sill, frame, slopes. The reason is poor-quality installation of the window structure. It is better not to tackle the poor-quality work of installers yourself, but to contact a service company. However, if initially you chose the right company for installing windows, then this problem will not bother you, since professionals guarantee full functionality of the window and its maintenance-free operation..

Fault number 5:sash falling out of the tilt position. Here you can try to slightly raise it yourself, while tightening the loop located in the lower frame with a hex wrench.

Home craftsman: DIY plastic window repair

Fault number 6:the sash touches the frame when closing. Self-repair of windows in this case is carried out as follows: we arm ourselves with the same hex wrench, raise the sash slightly, insert the tool into a special adjustment hole located on the lower hinge of the sash, and gently turn it clockwise.

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