How best to insulate windows

The cold is gradually approaching and many of us begin to think about how to keep warm in our houses and apartments. A lot of heat leaves the room through the windows, so it is their insulation that should be given attention..

How best to insulate windows

“Soviet” way of insulation

This method requires a wet newspaper. It just needs to be pushed into all the cracks, and sealed with paper on top. The downside is that in the spring you have to tear off the paper and take out the newspaper. This is not so easy as the newspaper will dry out and stick to the frame during the winter. The frame will also need to be painted..

Not such a complicated method is just to fill the cracks with cotton wool, and stick pieces of fabric on top. The fabric must be cut into strips 4-5 cm thick, then wet and squeeze these strips, and to glue, you just need to spread it with any soap.

How best to insulate windows

This method is even more beautiful, because the fabric does not turn yellow, unlike paper, and it looks neat all winter, and in spring it is very easy to tear it off. This can be done with melted paraffin, which is filled with a disposable syringe, and injected into the slots. If it blows through the glass, you just need to replace the glazing beads.

What needs to be done for better battery heating

If your batteries don’t heat well, don’t worry, there is a way to fix it. We just need to remove the old paint and paint it in a dark color, as smooth and dark batteries give off 5-10% more heat. You can also take a sheet of plywood, which is painted with silver paint or pasted over with foil, and shove it behind the battery. Thus, the heat will be reflected into the room and will not heat the walls in vain..

The modern way is insulation

The most modern method today is insulation with sealing gaskets (tubular profiles). They are of three types: in the form of the letters P, D and E. Types P and D are designed for large slots, and in the form E – for small.

Such gaskets are invisible, they are glued on only one side, and the window is free, it can be easily opened and closed. These profiles can last up to 5 years. It is possible to attach such a profile well only at temperatures above +10, but this procedure takes time and effort, so you have to tinker.

How best to insulate windows

The seals can be distinguished by both size and material. Gaskets are available in polyethylene foam, foam rubber, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and rubber. Rubber insulation can be self-adhesive or ordinary, that is, for which you need glue.

Sometimes PVC is better than rubber, because this material is more frost-resistant, less brittle, it breaks less and does not change its shape. But on the other hand, rubber does not wear out as much, it lasts longer. The softer the rubber, the less it deforms, this must be taken into account when buying. To know exactly what material the gasket is from, just read the instructions.

Which is better: self-adhesive insulation or not

Of course, it is more convenient with self-adhesive. They do not require much effort: peel off the film and that’s it, attached it to the window and that’s it. But before that, it is imperative to look at the expiration date, because if it has expired, the gasket simply will not stick.

For a different type of gasket, you need to buy a suitable adhesive. A very good option is silicone sealant. This glue is resistant to moisture and shrinks and stretches very well even after drying..

Other methods of insulation

In order for the apartment to be warm, it is also necessary to insulate the entrance doors.

How best to insulate windows

In panel houses, interpanel seams and cracks are very often found. Whatever you do, the apartment will still be cold. In this regard, you need to contact the housing department and other organizations.

It is also necessary to equip the entrance. Be sure to pay attention to windows and doors. And, of course, your balcony, if it is not glazed, be prepared for the cold in your apartment..

A careful approach to insulation will allow you to enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home all winter.

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