How plastic windows are made

This article is written so that buyers can understand why plastic windows are so expensive, take a long time to manufacture and how firms cope with these problems. Indeed, indeed, not everyone can still afford to install this tempting thing in the house and enjoy its amenities. But the world is developing and moving forward, which means that soon it will be more accessible for all factors. Although there is a line both in price and in speed, which we will now learn about, everything is not so difficult.


Taking an ordinary window made of wood, which is often also called “carpentry”, there is nothing complicated in manufacturing, the wood is processed, knocks into a single whole and a window is obtained. If you take a good master, he himself can make a window, having at hand not tricky machines, in one day. And even with one ax, a wooden window used to be built rather quickly. With a plastic window, everything is not so simple, theory and practice are much more serious and confusing.

The whole manufacturing process begins with measurements. A specialist comes and takes measurements of your window niches, then the customer talks about the features of the window. You need to indicate in which direction the windows should open, what opening systems you want to have, indicate the color, style of the window. Also, do not forget about the difference in products, which means that companies are selected for the component parts of the window, and this is a PVC profile, a double-glazed window, fittings. If everything is agreed upon, all the data goes to the company, where the computer processes and displays the optimal results, drawings, as well as prices for ordered windows. Now the buyer waits for the result while the window is done. During this process, firms begin to make parts of the window, the connection will already be at the end.

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PVC profiles are produced depending on the order, if they must have a relief, a special look or a special coating, then the process is delayed even more. Simultaneously with the manufacture of the PVC profile, the corresponding double-glazed windows are made for this plastic window. It also depends on how many glasses it will have, what properties. If a double-glazed window must have increased thermal insulation qualities, then special glasses are taken, which have a special effect, the so-called IR glasses. Moreover, in this case, the openings between the glasses are filled with inert gases. At the same time, fittings are selected. Using computer programs, it is calculated which fittings should be taken so that it can hold the weight of this window, and it is also taken into account what the client ordered. When all the components are ready, assembly takes place.

The assembly process is no longer a difficult moment. In addition, glazing beads, seals and other elements are also selected for the window. Installation of specialized window sills is possible, it all depends on the order. When everything is done, the plastic window is installed. It is worth noting that no weather interferes with the installation of a PVC window and does not affect the quality of work. Whether it’s frost below 40, or the heat above plus 40, and even heavy showers and blizzards are not a hindrance. Everything will be done very quickly and at the highest level. After all, there is a warranty period, which means that no one will ruin all the work with a bad installation. This means that the window can be considered already set.

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Of course, we slightly simplified the process, because taking only one PVC profile, it is not so easy to make it, everything starts with a powdery mass, and this is not the beginning either. We hope the reader understands the complexity. But at the same time, we want to say with this text that thanks to the automation of the process, everything is done very quickly and costs are reduced at the same time. And these are the reasons for lower prices for windows, which is very pleasing.
A plastic window is a good way to invest and you shouldn’t be afraid to buy it. After all, millions of people around the world have already tested all the practicality and beauty of this product. So, we strive to have this interesting invention of a new era – a plastic window, which, like nothing, creates comfort in the house and turns it into a real hearth of love and understanding. With a plastic window, the hut in the forest will truly become a royal mansion.

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