How to adjust plastic windows yourself

Quite often, buyers contact the sales offices of plastic windows with a request to change a broken or jammed handle, install limiters and others.

Adjustment of plastic windows

Let’s figure out some breakdowns and how to fix them yourself without contacting the master and saving money.

If you have a baby in the house and you want to install a handle with a lock, then it only takes five minutes and a Phillips screwdriver. The first step is to turn the plate at the base of the handle in order to see the bolts with which it is attached to the sash. Unscrew the screws and remove the old handle, and in its place in the same way attach a new one with a lock. That’s all!

Lock handle

If the handle in your plastic window is stuck in the lower position, don’t be upset. This means that the handle rotation lock simply worked and it turned out to be blocked. Lockers are installed so that window users do not accidentally break it. But it happens that with a quick opening, it works at the most inopportune moment..

Don’t panic. First, you need to determine the brand of fittings, which is written on the metal lock. If you have written AUBI, then you need to find a thin metal plate with a spring that sticks out in the area of ​​the handle.

Repair of a plastic window

You can fix everything first without “surgery.” Just press down on the plate and try to turn the knob. If it does not return to its place, then look at what position the sash is in. It is necessary that the sash is strictly upright. Aligning the handle, you easily press on the plate, pressing it against the seal and turn the handle to the “open” position.

If you have a different inscription, then try to find a metal tongue sticking out just below the plate. It is at an angle to the frame. Here, the steps are repeated above. Press on the tab so that it is parallel to the seal and turn the handle to the position you want. With any hardware, there may be a problem with thermal deformation of the window. If the opening scheme described above did not work, then try to find on the frame the counterpart of the blocker on which the tongue should hit.

Unscrew all the screws of the mating element and place something between it and the frame. This will improve the grip of the mating element and the frame, thereby the handle will unlock by itself..

Plastic windows

There is such a problem as deterioration in the rotation of the handle. It begins to work with noticeable effort, and sometimes does not turn completely. What to do in such a situation? There can be two reasons: sagging of the sash and the usual drying of the grease over time. The second problem is eliminated by purchasing conventional automotive penetrating lubricant and lubricating the interior of the fittings. If this operation does not help, then try tightening the hinge screws on the window. To do this, you will need to remove the decorative plugs from the hinges..

Inspect the striker strikers on the frame and try to find the place where the roller on the fold begins to deform the striker plate. If this happens at the bottom, then just try to lift the sash and insert the hex key into the lower loop and turn it clockwise.

If this happens at the top, then on the upper hinge it is necessary to find an adjusting screw that displaces the sash horizontally.

If you notice small drafts from the seal, then try to eliminate this problem using the eccentric method. If your fittings are of the Roto type, then by inserting a hex key into the counter plates in the frame, you can turn the movable element to any position.

If your fittings are from any other manufacturer, then you can easily find movable elements in fittings. They are represented by conventional rollers with holes in the middle. There is a point on the edge of the roller, and the closer you turn this point to the sealant, the tighter and more airtight the seal will be.

Do not forget to return the roller to its place during the summer period, otherwise the seal will quickly wear out.

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