How to cut glass correctly

How to cut rectangular glass

1. How to make an incision. Place the glass on the soft surface of an old carpet or foam rubber. Lubricate the cut line with linseed oil and place a ruler on the glass. Tilt the glass cutter towards you and hold it between your middle and forefinger. Run the glass cutter along the ruler to cut the glass surface in one smooth motion. Be careful, try not to deviate from the ruler, otherwise the glass will break off unevenly.

2. How to deepen the incision. The assistant lifts one edge of the glass, and you lightly tap the underside of the notch line with a ball on the glass cutter handle. Such blows deepen the cut. And go straight to step 3.

3. How to break off glass. Place a thin, round rod along the entire length of the incision on your work surface. The cutting line must be exactly above the bar. Now press firmly and firmly on the glass on both sides of the rod. The glass should break in two very evenly. Sand the edges with silicone corundum or emery stone.

Curved cut template

1. How to make an incision. Cut out a pre-shaped template from hard cardboard and place it on the glass. Most often, one edge of the glass blank is straight. Therefore, the straight edge of the template can be superimposed on the straight edge of the glass blank. Press the template firmly against the glass and in one even motion cut from one edge of the template to the other.

2. How to make a curly edge. Draw a few radial cuts by hand from the curved line to the edge of the workpiece and tap on the underside of the cut lines. Then, aligning the cut line of the desired shape with the edge of the desktop, bite off the cut segments with glass pliers. Clean the formed edge with corundum cloth or emery stone.

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