How to insert plastic windows yourself

If you want to insert plastic windows, but this price is not entirely pleasant for you, then you can save money – insert windows yourself.

Installation of a plastic window

If you decide to start inserting windows on your own, then immediately you cannot do without criticism from the outside, they say, this is the work of specialists, and what if you do something wrong and we will suffer from cold weather all winter. Don’t listen to anyone and get down to business!

The Internet is simply overflowing with information on how to insert windows and what tools are needed during installation, so collect all the necessary tools (punch, mounting level, drill, nail gun, polyurethane foam, fasteners). Decide on the date when you will insert windows, and carry out preparatory work in advance.

Preparatory work is to: remove the windows from the hinges; if there are blind parts, then remove the glass and make holes around the entire perimeter of the frame for fixing windows with anchors.

Dismantling an old window

Have fun destroying old windows! Then clean the window opening from dirt. And now, finally, everything is ready for editing.

Ta-da-dam! … Drum roll! It’s time to insert the window. You need to insert it into the opening at the level (be sure to put the windows on the support profile, it must be included in the package), secure the entire structure with wooden spacers. When you fix the window, then using a punch, through the holes made earlier – hack into the wall, insert the anchor and stretch them.

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Then moisten the entire window opening with water and blow out the frame with polyurethane foam. After 20 minutes after that, when the foam dries, install the ebb on the screws, pour a little foam under the windowsill. Then install it, and install a certain load on it in order to avoid its uneven fastening.

DIY window installation

Now install double-glazed windows, hang the sashes. Close the window and let the foam dry completely. Do not touch during the day so that the window is firmly fixed.

Insert windows yourself

The windows are ready! And wipe your nose to everyone who said that this is the business of professional installers.

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