How to measure and cut glass

Using a ruler and T-bar, you can mark a dividing line in one step, which must run exactly at right angles to the edge of the glass.

When measuring new glass, the main thing is to try to be accurate. It is best to take the measurements slowly twice. An inaccuracy of even a few millimeters can render the glass unusable. In order for the glass to fit freely into the frame, subtract 3 mm in height and width from the inner frame size.

Working surface

Place the glass on a flat, tarp-covered surface. She shouldn’t be too tough.

For complex shapes, make a template that you place under the glass and focus on it as you work. Guide the glass cutter along the steel ruler.

Hold the rail with one hand, with the other – run the glass cutter along the marked line. The glass will make a singing sound.

Draw a glass cutter along the ruler – a single line. Cut the glass on one side. When doing this, you should hear a singing sound. When cutting thick glass, the cut line and glass cutter can be pre-lubricated with a small amount of turpentine. Embossed glass is cut only from the smooth side, as on the structural side the glass cutter will “stumble” and you will not get a single line.

When cutting glass with complex shapes, it is recommended to make a template that is placed under the glass.

These glass cutters cut solid steel wheels. After grinding the working area, the wheel is moved one position.

Place the cut glass on the marker strip and knock along the cut – a series of thin cracks will appear.

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