How to repair a wooden window

Traditional wooden windowsusually consist of a glazed sash inserted into a window frame, which together form a window block. Windows are available with one or two frames, which can be paired, connected by screws, or separate, mounted in different boxes. The binding that is facing the street is called summer, and in the direction of the room – winter. The bindings, by design, can be opening or non-opening, with one or several doors, with or without a window. The basis of the binding is a frame-strapping with folds for glass, they are fixed with small blocks-glazing beads with the help of small nails. On summer bindings, ebb tides are attached to the lower bars of the sash trim to drain water flowing down the glass. From the inside, a window sill board is installed on the lower part of the window opening.

At home, it can be easy to change broken glass, replace hinges or latches, correct sash skew, eliminate cracks in the bindings and the box, and also replace the bindings themselves.

To replace glass you must first remove the sash from the hinges. After that, the sash must be put on the table, remove the glazing beads, and take out the broken or cracked glass. Then it is necessary to clean the folds of old putty, glass, paint, dust and thoroughly polish. New glass is inserted into the folds prepared in this way. If the frame is old, the cracks must be repaired in it, the bolts of the latches and hinges must be tightened, and the frame must be painted. In addition, tighten the hinge screws on the window frame.

The most common window problem is skewed bindings. It often occurs when corner joints are loose. The easiest way to eliminate skew is to install steel corners in the corners of the binding on both sides. A more complicated repair method is the binding of the binding. To do this, the cover must be removed from the hinges, remove the glass, knock out the pins and disassemble the corner joints. Spikes and grooves must be cleaned of dust and old glue. Then you need to reapply the glue, connect the bars together, and place the binding in the clamping device. Then you should insert the pins, also greased with glue. After the glue dries, the binding must be cleaned with sandpaper, putty, primed and painted. When the paint is dry, glass is inserted and the binding is set in place.

To repair the strapping bars, the sashes are initially removed from the hinges. After that, the glasses are removed, the folds are cleaned. Further, the damaged ends of the bars are sawn off. Instead, they are made, new and connected to the bar sash on the thorns. Moreover, the eyes should be made in old bars, and the spikes in new ones. Joints are made with waterproof glue. In the case when the old bars cannot be used even partially, they are completely replaced. New bars must be made of exactly the same shape and size. Nests are selected in them and thorns are cut. New bars are put on the remaining ones, and fixed with glue and wooden dowels.

To repair window frames, the destroyed places must be removed and inserts made of dry wood are made, fastening the joints with glue, wooden dowels or screws. In the process of repairing boxes, they sometimes have to be removed from the window opening. In such cases, the vertical bars are installed on the lower horizontal bar using sealant to ensure the necessary tightness and tightness of the connection..

To eliminate cracks in the sill board, it must be cleaned of dust, dirt, and then proliferate and dry. When the dispersed parts can be compressed, they are slightly expanded, the gap is filled with waterproof glue, and then tightly squeezed and fixed. Remains of glue are removed with a spatula. If the sill board is solid, the cracks in it are sealed with an insert. For this, the crack is cleaned and leveled. The insert is pre-lubricated with glue and inserted into the crack. The field of which the window sill needs to be painted over. Small cracks are covered with putty, sanded with sandpaper and painted.

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