How to soundproof a plastic window

Often installed windows have slots, spaces that let in not only cold and heat, but also noise from the street. In order to get rid of the noise, you can do it drastically and replace the windows with more reliable ones. But this is not always possible to do. Moreover, the windows were recently replaced, but for some reason, sounds and noise began to pass through. The solution is to independently perform soundproofing of the plastic window.

The very first thing to do is to properly seal the seams between the wall and the window. Even if the gap has already been closed, it is necessary to approach this issue even more carefully. You can seal the cracks with polyurethane foam or other suitable material. The most important thing is that there are no voids between the window and the wall, since it is they who pass the sound.

How to soundproof a plastic window

Then you can walk over the foam with special putties or plasters to fill in all the small cracks and voids.

After that, you should pay attention to the device and installation of accessories. A well-supplied fittings must be firmly pressed against the window base. If the window does not close tightly, then it will skip sound anyway. The window pressure can be adjusted independently. You just need to figure out what needs to be done. To check whether the pressure is adjusted or not, you can use a simple method. You need to take a piece of paper, place it between the window sash and the glass unit and close the sash. If after that you can pull out the sheet without opening the window, then your sash does not close enough. It is also necessary to adjust the pressure. But if the window closes so that the sheet cannot be pulled out without tearing it, then the window closes reliably and efficiently.

How to soundproof a plastic window

To prevent such problems from appearing, it is necessary to conduct such a test approximately once a year and check how your windows close..

It is also necessary to check the correctness of the slopes, and it does not matter – from the inside or from the outside. You need to carefully fill them.

Last but not least, check the rubber seals on the windows. Over time, the rubber seals may become thinner and no longer fit so tightly against the window, and this reduces the sound insulation properties of the window. If the seal has become unusable, then it is carefully replaced with a new one. It is important to choose a quality material for this seal. First of all, you need to remove the old seal, this is done carefully and carefully. It is important that neither glue nor the seal itself is left on the windows. If there are foreign objects on the surface, then the new seal will not adhere quite correctly. After all surfaces have been freed from the old sealant, the surface is wiped and washed, if necessary. The new seal will adhere efficiently and reliably if it is glued to a clean, dry base.

How to soundproof a plastic window

Now you can start gluing the new seal. Usually it is performed already with glue applied, but there are seals that need to be glued to special glue.

When the seal is glued, it is allowed to dry, and then the window is closed. You can immediately close the window, but if glue gets on the sash, the other sash will stick, and the seal itself will subsequently come off.

Basically, such activities help to reduce the sound in the room, but there is another way. If the window is old enough, then you can try to insulate the glass unit itself. It is quite painstaking work, but it is worth it if the sound comes from there. It is necessary to purchase a putty that is suitable for different surfaces, and walk it over all the joints of the glass unit and the frame. This method will help to avoid blowing out windows, penetrating sound, and so on. If you have patience and do everything carefully, then this will be the most important stage of soundproofing a plastic window..

Nowadays, many different seals and materials are produced for soundproofing windows. It is important to choose a quality, safe and reliable material. Nowadays, silicone seals and sealants are widely used, which are very convenient to use. You can also use seals from other modern and high quality materials. And also many different materials that can make windows more noise-resistant.

How to soundproof a plastic window

If you complete all these activities, then you can immediately solve several problems. Probably not worth saying that it is so necessary to process all the windows installed in the room. Moreover, these activities should be carried out regularly. But you can do this as needed. If done correctly, your windows will be insulated from noise, dust and cold..

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