Installation of plastic windows in winter – possible risks and their elimination

Installation of plastic windows in winter - possible risks and their elimination

Most often, apartment owners refuse to install plastic windows in cold weather for the following reasons:

  1. They are afraid that in the process of dismantling old windows and installing new ones in the cold, damage to the heating system and freezing of the room will occur;
  2. There is a risk that polyvinyl chloride (PVC) windows, which are most common today, will become brittle at low temperatures. This threatens the appearance of cracks in the process of mechanical impact on the window, which is inevitable during installation work;
  3. Most often, when filling the assembly joints of a plastic window block with an opening, polyurethane foam is used. There is a risk that at low air humidity, typical for winter time, it will freeze before it polymerizes.

Agree that such fears are indeed justified. However, today such risks and possible problems of installing plastic windows in winter can be completely prevented..

Installation of plastic windows in winter - possible risks and their elimination

Let’s start with the first reason why the installation of windows in winter is unpopular – the danger of freezing the room and damaging the heating system. In fact, if the dismantling of the old window and the installation of a new double-glazed unit is carried out by a team of professionals, the room will remain without glazing for 30-50 minutes, maximum – an hour, because everything happens quickly enough. During this time, the room will definitely not have time to completely freeze, and the pipes will not freeze.

In addition, today the technology of warm window installation has begun to be widely used. What it means – outside the building, behind the window opening, a special inflatable heat shield is installed. It is attached to the outer wall along the perimeter of the old window even before its dismantling, therefore it will close the room from frost and cold wind. Of course, with such a protective screen, it will be more comfortable for the worker to dismantle and install.

Important! Even taking into account the possibility of using a heat shield for the installation of new windows, these works should be carried out in winter in each room in turn. First, a window is in one room with a closed door, if it is not there, the doorway is closed with cloth or other materials, then in another. This will prevent drafts that absolutely no one needs in winter..

Note that some window installers use homemade curtains made of various film materials to make it comfortable to work indoors in winter. The price of a professional heat shield for installing windows in winter can reach 11-15 thousand rubles.

Installation of plastic windows in winter - possible risks and their elimination

As for the fact that PVC windows can become fragile in frost, this problem is also easy to solve. Firstly, you should choose a trusted manufacturer and high-quality double-glazed windows designed for significant temperature drops. Secondly, before installing the windows after transportation, it is necessary to hold them in a heated room so that they warm up.

If the installation of windows takes place in an unheated house in winter, for example, a new building, which you do not want to leave with open openings during the cold season, you can also take measures. The easiest option is to pre-close the window openings with a film and heat the room – with a convector, a heat gun – which is available so that the plastic windows warm up a little after transportation.

Important! In any case, experts advise installing plastic windows at a temperature not lower than minus 25 ° C! Some experts even consider minus 15 ° C to be the minimum..

Installation of plastic windows in winter - possible risks and their elimination

Now let’s talk about the third risk factor when installing plastic windows in winter – the use of polyurethane foam. Experienced repairmen sometimes simply heat this composition in a water bath before use, leave it in a warm room for at least overnight, warm up the places where polyurethane foam is applied with construction hair dryers, moisten the joints with warm water to accelerate polymerization.

But even if all these measures are applied, you should use a special polyurethane foam designed for sub-zero temperatures. There are compounds that are “winter” and are calmly used at temperatures of minus 20 degrees. These are exactly what should be used for winter installation of windows. Yes, winter polyurethane foam is more expensive, but you cannot save on quality and comfort.

Installation of plastic windows in winter - possible risks and their elimination

The advantages of installing plastic windows in winter:

  • the opportunity to get a discount on double-glazed windows, speed of order execution. In winter, manufacturers of plastic windows often offer to reduce the cost, because there are much fewer people who want to order windows. And professionals are often left without work, so they are ready to complete the installation in a short time and at an affordable price;
  • all possible problems of double-glazed windows will be immediately visible – blowing, freezing … Therefore, it is possible to eliminate such problematic moments immediately after installing windows;
  • the installation of plastic double-glazed windows in winter allows you to generally speed up the process of repair or construction. Double-glazed windows are installed – in early spring you can start interior and exterior decoration.
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