Just about complicated: manufacturing technology, advantages of PVC windows

Plastic windows are becoming more and more popular among consumers due to their quality, durability, high heat and sound insulation. Of course, almost every buyer will be able to say that windows are characterized by all these unique performance characteristics due to the use of high technologies in their production. But few people will answer what it is – high technologies?

Just about complicated: manufacturing technology, advantages of PVC windows

If you are seriously thinking about purchasing new high-tech windows, then this article is for you. In it we will describe the basic stages of the production of plastic windows so that you do not have to accept, exclusively “on faith” everything that the seller will tell you about the quality of the purchased window.

The plastic window production process begins in the design laboratories. Many experienced design engineers are working on the development of the project, having received design recommendations from material scientists.

A completely different stage is the stamping of a plastic window at the factory. The assembly is carried out with full automation of the process. This is a significant advantage, since machines are much less likely to make mistakes than workers. Thus, the “human factor” is practically excluded from the production process..

Just about complicated: manufacturing technology, advantages of PVC windows

When assembling a window, a special computer program is used that calculates the parameters of the required glass: brand, thickness, dimensions. At the next stage, the operator makes glass taking into account all the requirements and recommendations of the program. A sheet of glass is placed on a special table-support and a piece of glass of a given format is cut out. At the same time, spacers are cut out (spacers, intermediate fragments between the glasses). Next, the assembly of the window structure takes place using corners, as well as various connecting inserts..

Just about complicated: manufacturing technology, advantages of PVC windows

Interestingly, in order to prevent the accumulation of condensate between the glasses, a special dehumidifier is introduced into the space of the spacers. Its main function is to absorb moisture (water vapor) from the air. Due to this, the condensed moisture does not collect inside the plastic window. The desiccant has a granular structure that allows for the best absorption of water vapor.

So, our window is almost ready. At the last stage, the frame profile is assembled. First, it is cut from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sheets of specified dimensions. Then, in accordance with its dimensions, a metal profile is made, which is fixed with self-tapping screws. Glasses are inserted into the frame only after welding and cleaning the frame profile, then glazing beads and other fragments are hammered into the frame, strengthening the structure.

Just about complicated: manufacturing technology, advantages of PVC windows

It should be noted that the surface of the seams when combining a glass unit and a spacer is treated with a special solution – butyl sealant that meets certain requirements of GOST.

Many manufacturers of plastic windows provide on their websites approximate calculations of their cost. The buyer can easily determine how much the purchase will cost based on the size of the window and sill, color, functionality, type of window and even the format of the building.

Fiberglass windows allow their owner to significantly reduce the noise level that comes from the street, in addition, they will be able to give the interior of the house an exclusive style. Windows made of high-quality profiles will be able to satisfy the needs and design desires of any buyer, having served him for many years.

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