Making wooden windows with your own hands

Making wooden windows with your own hands is simple, but it is a time-consuming process. To make a high-quality wooden window, you need not only knowledge of all technological subtleties, but also having special tools with you..

Making wooden windows with your own hands

Undoubtedly, all windows are complex structures. This is mainly due to the fact that the window profile is not endowed with simple geometry. Also in the window structure there are parts such as ebbs, which have complex shapes. Taking all circumstances into account, it will not be easy to make a window from a tree that matches the factory one, and this may require numerous special machines. And it is quite possible to make a window that does not meet the high requirements for sound insulation and tightness. Do-it-yourself wood windows can be used on balconies, verandas, in a bath (in places where a wood window will function as a protection from the natural environment). So, consider the hand-made production of a single-leaf wood window.

The main thing to focus on in the production of wood windows is raw materials. It is advisable to use not a solid timber or board, but a spliced ​​one. Also, the wood must be perfectly dried. Without going into details, it can be noted that this will provide advantages such as avoiding shrinkage or warping of the window due to gradual drying..

Now let’s take a closer look at the structural part of the window. A wooden window includes a box that is fixed in the window opening and a frame with glass. The box can be made from boards, the cross section of which is about 50 * 150 mm. The frame can be made from a bar, the section of which is 50 * 50 mm. The parameters of the timber and boards must be selected depending on the parameters of the window itself. Smaller boards should be used for a small window, and for a large-sized window, a board with a large section should be chosen to create sufficient rigidity for the structure.


First of all, a box is made for a wooden window. For this, a planed and dry board is taken, for example, 50 * 150 mm in size. On this board, you need to select a groove so that the profile of the board is L-shaped. The ridge obtained in this way is needed to make the window tight. Create the desired shape at the board by actually using an electric plane.

Further, based on the known parameters of the window opening, the board should be cut into four equal parts and connected to each other. A more reliable connection of the boards is obtained by using a tenon.

Further, according to the known dimensions of the window opening, we cut the board into 4 parts and connect them together. The most reliable connection is obtained using a thorn. The ideal is to use a tenon and a matching swallow-shaped groove, because this is the strongest and tightest connection. But the exact production of such a swallow-tail connection without the use of a router and a special template is quite problematic. Because of this, a straight tenon and a corresponding straight groove are mainly used..


To make such a connection, a spike is cut out on one board (on the board that will be horizontally located), and on the second board, which is adjacent to the first, a groove. True, this can be done using a hammer, saw and chisel, but it is best to use a hand router, which will make the connection more accurate. Then the connection points are coated with wood glue, after which the box is assembled. Once the glue is dry, the box is ready..

It is very important during assembly to create the correct geometry, namely, that all the components of the box are connected at an angle of ninety degrees. For rigid fastening of parts, a hole is drilled at the end of the connection, which is coated with glue. Then a wooden pin is placed in this hole. To firmly strengthen the window box, you can install metal window corners at the corners to the ends.

Now we need to study the production of the window frame. The technology of joining frame parts is similar to that of joining parts of a window frame, only the use of a corner and a pin is necessary. This is due to the fact that the frame of a wooden window is a dynamic element (it opens and closes), which significantly increases the requirements for strong connections of the constituent parts of the frame.

The stages of assembly of the window frame are as follows. The above profile is produced using a router or electric planer. Next, the parameters of the frame are determined. For easier closing and opening, a gap of one to two millimeters is needed between the frame and the box. Cutting the profile into blanks. Then the connection is cut out using a thorn. All parts of the frame are assembled using the technology described above. Glass is built in. Hinges are mounted on the box and frame. Then the window is painted to protect it from moisture.

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