Modern plastic window systems

Modern plastic window systems. Why is a plastic window installed in a house or apartment a huge cost savings, preserving and maintaining a decent level of health for the whole family??


More recently, a little over ten years ago, a plastic window for our country was a real miracle, the height of technological progress, which could be purchased by very wealthy people. Today, the situation has changed dramatically and the average Russian families can afford to equip their home with a modern, multifunctional plastic window that does not require special care..

Despite the available services, there are a lot of people who want to save extra money while searching and placing an order. You can understand a potential buyer and customer, because in the construction market, among a large number of various proposals, it is quite difficult to understand. An inexperienced buyer does not see significant differences among the plastic windows presented by the companies. The main problem is that by saving on the main and most important elements that make up the construction of a plastic window system – window profiles and fittings, you can get a wide range of problems. And in order to avoid them, you need to have reliable information about which plastic windows are the best..

Let’s look at this problem, and find out what you should not save on when purchasing a new plastic window.

Any good specialist, answering this question, will first of all note that one cannot save on a plastic profile. In order for the plastic window system to serve for many years without creating problems, without losing its original qualities, experts recommend ordering plastic windows from a German profile. The Germans are recognized worldwide leaders in the production of plastic profiles. More than forty years ago the first plastic window profile was developed and produced in Germany, and today its high quality is not questioned. Note that plastic produced in Turkey or other warm countries is not intended for severe Russian frosts and sudden temperature changes..

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Quality installation – this is another important step in the process of purchasing the best plastic window. Therefore, the installation of a plastic window can only be trusted by specialists who have the appropriate documents. A plastic double-glazed window is a rather complicated construction in terms of technical aspects, therefore plastic windows are accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity, and the workers carrying out the installation must be licensed. During operation, the plastic window is subject to great physical and mechanical stress, and the further successful operation of the plastic window system depends entirely on the quality of installation. The ideal option would be when the manufacturer installs his products himself, accompanying them with significant warranty periods..

Fittings – this is not only an element of product design, but also a working part, which is operated on a plastic window in an enhanced mode. Therefore, a lot depends on the quality of the fittings. It is best if it is made in Germany. The fittings provide opening and closing of the window, as well as its adjustment. And another important function of window fittings, it is that it creates additional protection against burglary, preventing entry into the house. The aesthetic part is very important – appearance. The decoration and generality of the style in which the fittings and their elements are presented are an integral part of the entire structure of the plastic window system.

Why you don’t need to save on slopes, window sills and drainage?

If we talk about the slopes, then they play the main role, insulating the house from extraneous noise and keeping it warm. Additional insulation is provided under the slopes, and the window sills are designed in the same way as a plastic profile and have the same properties and functions. And the last point – the installation of ebb tides is a technological necessity that allows you to remove excess moisture. A modern window, as a product made of plastic – a universal material, is resistant to sunlight, absolutely waterproof, does not rot or collapse. Due to its design features, it has sufficient strength, rigidity, excellent heat-insulating properties.

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