Modern wooden windows: internal structure, varieties, additional equipment

A modern type wooden window is a translucent structure made of natural wood. This design, in addition to its excellent external appearance, has increased heat and noise insulation, does not pass drafts, and is quite durable. In addition, it is resistant to the negative effects of climate, is very convenient and easy to operate..

The newest wood frames can be either glued or made from a piece of solid wood. In the latter version, wooden windows are made from the main or edged part of a solid tree trunk. A window made of scraps of wood is cheaper, but it has the worst performance. The best option can be considered the main part of a solid tree trunk, which has a denser internal structure..

Modern wooden windows: internal structure, varieties, additional equipment

There are several common methods for quality wood processing. The most time-consuming and not very effective technology can be considered continuous soaking. Such wood, absorbing water, increases its weight, decreases strength indicators, but, at the same time, it does not rot. A more advanced method is the technology of vacuum impregnation of wood. Wood subjected to this treatment has a lighter weight, increased strength and is able to serve without problems for very many years. Sometimes, in order to increase the service life, the outside of the wooden frame is covered with aluminum.

A modern wooden window consists of the window unit itself, a built-in glass unit, the necessary high-quality fittings, a set of gaskets and auxiliary decorative elements (plums, plastic window sills, decorative slopes, mosquito net, shutters, protective blinds). The latest designs of wooden windows are equipped with a micro-ventilation system.

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Ready-made window blocks are swivel, folding, swing-out, suspended (rotation takes place around the extreme axis located on top). They can also be middle-hung, horizontally sliding (as an option, retractable into the wall), lifting-sliding, deaf (fixed). Sometimes the windows can fold in the form of an accordion.

Modern wooden windows: internal structure, varieties, additional equipment

The quality and assortment of fittings is an indispensable condition that directly ensures the breadth of the window opening possibilities. Depending on how you turn the door handle, you can open the window sash in different ways. Specially designed elements of window fittings allow you to reliably fix the opening angle of the sashes, protecting them from accidental slamming by the wind. With the help of the fittings, you can freely adjust the pressure of the sash to the window frame, simultaneously around the entire perimeter.

In improved window structures, in addition to the key elements responsible for the reliable operation of the window, there may also be specially designed elements that increase the comfort of using the product, or rather: a rotation limiter, which guarantees a firm fixation of the window in any open position; additional built-in brake; a latch that reliably fixes the sash and resists accidental opening as a result of a sharp gust of wind; improved slot ventilator; tilt and swivel limiter, providing constant ventilation in four fixed positions; a stopper that prevents the window from swinging open (the sash can only be folded back); decorative colored overlays for fittings; Reinforced fanlight scissors that add stability to massive fanlight sashes; additional limiter that does not allow the window to swing open arbitrarily.

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Modern wooden windows: internal structure, varieties, additional equipment

A modern double-glazed unit, as a rule, consists of two or more glasses, docked hermetically along the contour, between which there is an air layer or a layer filled with inert gases. Wooden windows with built-in double-glazed windows will make your expensive home much more comfortable, save energy, and also eliminate external noise. They are easy to care for, the glass unit is easy to clean.

To give the window a nicer appearance, you can mount a decorative binding on both sides of the window. It does not violate the integrity and tightness of the glass. There is a large assortment of decorative elements, including a variety of crosses, a variety of overhead mullions and crochets in various profiles and all kinds of colors.

Modern wooden windows: internal structure, varieties, additional equipment

The use of a sealing profile guarantees the tightness of adhesion of the mounted sash to the window frame during the long term of the window. The sealing profiles are highly elastic and air tight.

To protect wooden windows from the penetration of precipitation, external drains are often used to divert rain flows from the window..

For high-quality ventilation of premises, in some cases, ventilation devices are installed in the form of heat-protective and noise-suppressing valves. Ventilation systems ventilate the room without any problems, while leaving the window completely closed. They can be installed in the window frame or located near the window. From the outside of the building, ventilation panels are covered with an aluminum or wooden grill equipped with a dust filter and a mosquito net..

The task of the internal window sills is to withstand increased thermal and mechanical loads without problems. Window sills made of PVC or wood slabs are highly durable, resistant to accidental mechanical damage, as well as unusual lightness and elegant appearance.

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