Mosquito net “Anti-pollen”

After installing reinforced-plastic windows, this process should be logically completed. That is, to select and install high-quality mosquito nets. Conventional nets have a mesh size of 1×1 millimeter, and such a mesh is quite suitable for resisting small insects. But, if the family has small children or people who are allergic to dust or pollen, then in this case a completely different design is needed..

Mosquito net

A new mosquito net, recently developed by Russian and Dutch scientists, called Antipyltsa, has cells measuring 0.25×1 mm, and such a fine-grained mesh structure is designed specifically to trap small dust particles, allergens, including pollen.

If we consider such a structure from the point of view of its operation, then it is clearly inconvenient to care for it, since you will have to clean or wash the mesh at least once a week. The fact is that the fine-meshed structure of the mosquito net is quickly clogged with dust, dirt and pollen. This disadvantage is especially noticeable in areas with a high degree of dustiness or in cities whose streets are planted with poplars. Poplar aphids are the worst enemy of allergy sufferers, but the “Antipyltsa” mosquito net does its job 100% and does not let unnecessary and unnecessary fractions and insect pests enter the premises. Therefore, the high protective qualities of the mesh surpass the small disadvantage mentioned above..

For the production of mosquito nets “Antipyltsa” or “Antidust” material containing nylon threads is used. The physical qualities of nylon are such that it attracts dust and pollen to its surface, not to mention the fact that it prevents small insects from entering the premises. A new development in this area is the Poll-tex mosquito net, which is extremely easy to maintain – you just need to wash it with soapy water (or wipe it with a damp cloth) and dry it. After such a simple cleaning, the mesh will again have an excellent appearance and will be able to perform its immediate functions..

Mosquito net

To date, the most common way to fight insects are various kinds of fumigators (the most common are electric), all kinds of chemicals and drugs that need to be sprayed around rooms in order to achieve at least some result, but which can harm the health of residents, especially children. An environmentally friendly product – the Antipyltsa mesh – is devoid of all these drawbacks and shortcomings. In addition, such a mesh can be installed not only on the windows of an apartment or house, but also to protect the entrance doors in this way. Also, varieties of mosquito nets for baby strollers are now being produced. The simplified system of fastening such a mesh makes its operation easy and not burdensome. This invention will reliably serve for a long time, protecting the house not only from various harmful insects, but also from allergenic poplar fluff, as well as from dust, which is still enough on our streets.

The mosquito net was and remains an integral part of the design when installing a modern metal-plastic window, but not all consumers know that there are several varieties of mosquito nets. Manufacturing companies that produce and install metal-plastic doors and windows advertise a variety of designs of mosquito nets that differ from each other in price, functional features, fastening systems, and ways of caring for products. As one of the options, you can purchase and install the Antipyltsa mosquito net by placing an order for the installation of windows or doors, as well as purchase a mosquito net separately. That is, you can install a mesh on a window made of wood, a wood-aluminum or aluminum window, as well as on a plastic window, an entrance door, on a balcony or loggia..

Mosquito net

Of the varieties of this effective device, a frame structure can be distinguished, as the most effective in the fight against harmful insects, and therefore widespread. The frame is made as a separate structure in which any mosquito net can be installed. This frame can be attached to any window profile. A thickened profile is used to install a frame mosquito net on the door. Also, the door frame is equipped with reinforced door hinges and magnetic latches.

Mosquito net

The next type of mosquito net “Antipyltsa” is a roller shutter design. This mesh opens in the same way as the blinds. Roller shutters can be installed on doors and windows. The advantage over the frame structure is that the roller mosquito net can be left on for the winter. That is, for roof windows, this is the most convenient option. Sliding mosquito nets are another type of design. It is most logical to mount such a grid on balconies and loggias, as well as on terraces in private houses..

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