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You have decided to change windows and you are faced with a completely understandable question – which window to choose. This article is about the changes that have taken place in plastic window production technologies over the past few years. What you need to look for to buy a state-of-the-art window.

Modern plastic windows effectively protect the premises from heat loss and the penetration of street noise. They are reliable and safe. Maintenance free. But the cost of various windows on the market does not differ much and it seems that everything is the same for everyone. In fact, it is not so.

Let’s draw a parallel with another industrial field – the automotive industry. In the early and mid-90s, many did not know what an automobile air conditioner was. Cars were brought to Russia not completed with this wonderful detail. Today the situation has changed – 90% of foreign cars are supplied with air conditioning. And today, air conditioning in a car is the norm, not a luxury..

The window industry is no exception. It also boasts technological and, most importantly, relevant solutions for modern life. All these solutions are designed for life, for the big city and cannot be left unattended..
One of the European developments that has successfully taken root in Russia is the window self-ventilation system. The problem of ventilation of residential premises in Russia is very acute. As a rule, ventilation systems in apartment buildings do not work due to their imperfect design or due to the consequences of unauthorized redevelopment of neighbors at the entrance. As a result, having changed the old windows for new plastic ones, the tenant of the apartment finds himself in a closed space without fresh air. It is difficult to live in such a room, since it is not always possible to open a window for ventilation. At a temperature of -20, ventilation by any of the traditional methods does not provide a comfortable microclimate in the room.

One of the most optimal and convenient self-ventilation systems is the development of the well-known German manufacturer of PVC profiles KBE. The REGEL-AIR mechanism allows you to renew the air in the room without opening a window, in a volume of about 4-5 cubic meters. air per hour. The mechanism works by a special valve that reacts to wind pressure. The mechanism works automatically and does not require human participation. The valve reacts sensitively to changes in weather conditions and regulates the flow of fresh air itself. Unlike previous systems, the REGEL-AIR ventilation valve is not visible in the window structure and, if desired, can be dismantled without damage to the window structure itself.

Also, you should not ignore the professional technology of installing plastic windows. Traditional in Russia is an economical installation system, which uses fasteners, polyurethane foam and silicone. With this technology, the assembly seam in its primary state lasts 10-15 years. The service life of the window structure itself is 4 times longer – 40-50 years. With long-term operation, the assembly seam made using an economical technology gradually loses its properties and there is a possibility of blowing and leakage. The installation, carried out using the professional technology Profiline, implies the use of special materials – hydro and vapor barrier tapes that protect the foam from destruction. As a result, the service life of the assembly seam without loss of properties can reach 30-40 years..
Energy-saving glass is a high-tech development. It works like a thermal mirror. The effect is achieved by applying a thin layer of metal oxides to the glass surface. Reflective effect allows you to store heat energy indoors.

This type of glass in Russia is undeservedly deprived of attention. Replacing a standard 2-chamber double-glazed unit with a 1-chamber one, where one of the glasses is energy-saving, increases the thermal insulation properties of the window from 0.55 m2 * Co / W to 0.61 m2 * Co / W. The reflective effect of heat rays almost completely eliminates the formation of condensation. The absence of the need to use a third glass in an energy-saving glass unit reduces the sash weight by 30%. As a result, the fittings are unloaded, which leads to an increase in its service life. When ordering windows, ask about these wonderful designs. Their use in a window leads to a slight increase in cost, and sometimes does not affect the price at all. But the effect that is achieved by installing a ventilation system or energy-saving double-glazed windows cannot be underestimated – you will get a level of comfort that cannot be bought for any money. Your new window will be perfect. You can learn more about new generation plastic windows from the specialists of FABRIKA OKON by phone 101-39-55 or on the website

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