Non-standard windows: original design and practicality

Tired of the dull look of city blocks – typical houses, identical balconies and windows, monotony of colors? Do you want variety and originality? Non-standard window designs will help change the design of your home and office, highlight the individuality of the building.

Non-standard windows: original design and practicality

Non-standard windows can be of various shapes:

  • round and semicircular;
  • oval and semi-oval;
  • arched and semi-arched;
  • trapezoidal;
  • triangular.

Often there are non-standard windows with a large sash area (we are talking about showcase or so-called French designs). They are common not only in modern cottages, but also in old restored mansions, as well as in Stalinist houses and even some new buildings..

Non-standard windows: original design and practicality

The complex architectural design of window blocks requires a special approach during their production and installation. It is also necessary to remember that there are some restrictions due to the properties of the materials used (PVC, aluminum or wood) and the use of one or another production technology.

Non-standard windows must meet certain requirements:

  • provide sufficient sound and heat insulation;
  • not be inferior to ordinary windows in terms of air and moisture resistance;
  • have a reliable, durable structure, provide ease of use.

PVC windows meet all these criteria, and therefore are the most popular. If we consider arched windows, then this figured structure can be presented in various versions – from exotic Gothic and Moorish (in the form of a horseshoe) to the more common semicircular ones. The growing fashion for Northern European design has led to the proliferation of semi-arches, when the connection of a curved section to vertical bars is performed at an angle, rather than smoothly.

Non-standard windows: original design and practicality

The main limitation in the manufacture of arched and oval PVC structures is the limiting value of the possible bending of the plastic profile. If we talk about the minimum bending radius, then with a box profile height of about 70 millimeters, it will be 350 millimeters. If we are talking about the profile of the sash, then with its height of 80 mm, this figure will be about 400 mm. Thus, the manufacture of a blind arched or round PVC window with a width of less than 700 millimeters, and an opening one less than 800 millimeters, is impossible..

The very technology for the production of arched PVC windows consists in heating the plastic parts to 130 degrees Celsius, after which the profile is given the required shape using special devices. Heating of plastic is carried out in two ways: “wet”, when the part is immersed in a container with hot glycerin for ten to fifteen minutes, and “dry” – in this case, heating is carried out in a special chamber. These techniques make it possible to heat a PVC profile with a length of up to 3000 millimeters and more. The subsequent bending of plastic parts is most often performed using a system made of wood-plastic jig, which, using vacuum suction cups, adjusts to the required bending radius.

Non-standard windows: original design and practicality

By contacting a well-known company that has proven itself in the window market for its products, you can easily choose the option of a non-standard design you are interested in and make an individual order for its high-quality manufacturing.

Original plastic windows will add zest to the design of your home and will delight you and everyone around you with their appearance for many years.

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