Perfecting classics or wood-aluminum windows for our home

The evolution of window structures does not stop for a minute. More recently, strict and elegant metal-plastic windows massively replaced the familiar classics of wooden frames and transoms, and now they are in almost every home and office, and not that they do not seem innovative and high-tech, but begin to raise some doubts.

Perfecting classics or wood-aluminum windows for our home

And in fact, are plastic windows as good as we used to think? Perhaps there are some much better designs? A variant of the answer to the last question can be wood-aluminum windows, which are a wooden frame with screwed aluminum plates.

What are the advantages of such an improved window product? Unfortunately, wooden frames cannot withstand the harmful effects of external factors by 100%. Wind and rain, dust and dirt, temperature changes, hot sun rays and winter cold – all this damages our windows. All kinds of paints, varnishes and impregnations extend their service life, but for how long? Even if the frame will stand for a long time, its appearance will eventually become completely unpresentable..

This does not happen in wood-aluminum windows. Aluminum strips, attached to the wooden frame from the street side, reliably protect it from harmful external influences. Strong, beautiful and lightweight metal, which has also been subjected to special treatment, practically does not react to aggressive harmful environmental influences. The wooden side, facing inside the living quarters, fits into the atmosphere of the apartment much better than cold metal or plastic, increasing comfort and creating coziness.

Thus, the two materials from which the window profile is created interact perfectly with each other. Aluminum protects the entire system from the outside and extends its service life, and wood retains warmth in the room, increases the level of comfort, makes normal air exchange, fits perfectly into any interior, bringing a touch of naturalness to the design of the room.

By combinations of wood and aluminum, wood-aluminum windows are divided into:

  • German, the base of which is a wooden frame with an aluminum plate;

Perfecting classics or wood-aluminum windows for our home

  • Swedish – paired binders with two doors that open simultaneously;

Perfecting classics or wood-aluminum windows for our home

  • Finnish, in which the window systems consist of two parts – an internal wooden one with a glass unit, an external aluminum one with a single glass.

Perfecting classics or wood-aluminum windows for our home

Some disadvantage of this type of window system is the somewhat higher cost of wood-aluminum windows, but such a disadvantage is entirely and completely leveled by the predicted service life of up to eight decades, as well as high technical characteristics..

It should be added that wood-aluminum windows, in addition to all their strength, reliability and functionality, also have an elegant design, can have different colors and shapes, which is why they are probably becoming more and more popular with the domestic homeowner.

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