Plastic, aluminum or wooden windows. What does everyone choose and what should I choose?

Which windows to choose

For basic calculations, let’s take the Yandex search engine. Table 1 shows the statistics of requests for the specified topic for a certain period. For comparison, various regions were selected: “millionaires”, such as Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Omsk, medium-sized cities (Ryazan, Penza and Astrakhan) and small settlements (for example, Balakovo, Armavir and Mezhdurechensk).

Number of requests from 01/01/14 to 01/31/14 (pcs /%)
plastic windows aluminum windows wooden windows
Moscow 105126 82.9 3329 2.6 18282 14.5
Rostov-on-Don 4521 87.7 216 4.2 414 8.1
Omsk 4689 94.2 41 0.8 247 five
Ryazan 1967 84.6 67 2.9 291 12.5
Penza 2511 92.4 20 0.7 186 6.9
Astrakhan 966 93.4 eleven 0.1 57 6
Balakovo 336 94.4 ten 2.8 ten 2.8
Armavir 157 86.7 6 3.3 18 ten
Mezhdurechensk 1071 93.9 eleven 0.9 59 5.2

Table 1. Number of requests for key phrases (according to the results of the Yandex system)

So, the leading positions are taken by requests for plastic windows, then – wooden ones, and only a small part is looking for aluminum structures. As you can see, the cities in each group were not chosen by chance: these are cities with different climates. This factor should play an important role when choosing windows. Regional statistics are common for Russia: plastic windows – 87.25%, wooden – 10.7%, aluminum – 2.05%. This is the current demand situation in the Russian window market..

Which windows to choose

Plastic windows appeared on the Russian market relatively recently, about 20 years ago. At the same time, windows made of PVC profiles are now the most popular. At first, they were used only to replace old windows, later there was a demand for the manufacture of individual stained glass windows, partitions, and winter gardens. In the early 90s, not everyone could afford to install plastic windows due to their high cost. This is due to the fact that the production of PVC profiles and basic components for the manufacture of windows was concentrated in the West. Import costs, customs duties, low competition in the Russian market gave rise to overpriced structures. Gradually, large German concerns moved their workshops to the territory of the CIS countries and Russia. Also, domestic plants for the production of PVC profiles began to appear on the window market. Every year new firms appear, both dealers and manufacturers: competition increases, the general price level decreases. For comparison, Table 2 shows the average cost per square meter of a plastic window without installation in Russia.

Year Cost, rub.
2009 3841
2010 4636
2011 5062
2012 5422
2013 4748

Table 2. Average cost per square meter of plastic windows in Russia (2009–2013)

The table shows a slight increase in the price per square meter from 2009 to 2012. This is due to annual inflation. The situation in 2013 is associated with an internal crisis in the window market caused by a decrease in purchasing power. For comparison, in 1995, when plastic windows began to appear in Moscow, the cost of one square meter was the average monthly income of a citizen. Now, undoubtedly, plastic windows are becoming more and more affordable..

I wonder what is the situation in Europe? Our Russian mentality always looks back on foreign experience. At present, the picture in the West is as follows: 45% of consumers choose windows made of plastic profiles, 28% – wooden frames and the remaining quarter – aluminum. What this may be connected with, let’s try to find out.

Which windows to choose

First, the most important criterion when choosing windows is price. Let’s take the average cost per square meter of a plastic window without installation in Russia – 4748 rubles. (according to O.K.N.A. Marketing). The price for warm aluminum is almost 2 times higher. The cost of wooden windows varies depending on the material used. The price criterion is extremely controversial if you look at Western statistics. It is known that the incomes of our neighbors are much higher than the Russian ones. However, most people still choose plastic windows..

Secondly, advertising plays an important role. It can be seen with the naked eye that the main share in Russia is occupied by the promotion of plastic windows. In second place are wooden, which are gaining more and more popularity. Aluminum windows close the list. There are very few companies on the Russian market offering wooden structures. It is for plastic windows that the largest number of proposals is found. Due to the growing competition in the window market, more and more attention is now paid to the quality of products, advertising, and warranty obligations. Therefore, the price criterion, to our delight, fades into the background. This means that the window market in Russia is reaching a new level. So far, unfortunately, this applies only to the central part of Russia and its largest cities..

We follow next – the coefficient of resistance to heat transfer. When installing new windows, the buyer first of all wants to make his home warmer. So, let’s consider the average characteristics of the windows. Let’s start with the leaders – plastic windows. The average coefficient of resistance to heat transfer of a 58 mm system with a two-chamber glass unit is 0.58-0.65 (m2?° K) / W. The resistance to heat transfer along the frame of a warm aluminum facade system with the use of a thermix frame varies up to 0.49 (m2?° K) / W, and in combination with a double-glazed unit manufactured using the “warm edge” technology, it is recommended for most regions of the Russian Federation. To compare the indicator for wooden windows, let’s take oak constructions. And this figure is 0.4 (m2?° K) / W. To clarify, these are average data. For the calculation, the lower indicators were taken, everything above depends on the material capabilities and desires of the buyer. But the numbers speak for themselves.

Which windows to choose

Often, when the phrase “plastic windows” is used, people think that such windows may not be environmentally friendly. Many people think that plastic is bad for your health. Let’s consider these indicators as well. The same doubts arose in the west, when PVC structures began to appear there. The starting material for PVC is table salt (sodium chloride), from which chlorine gas is released as a result of electrolysis. Also, oil and gas are involved in the production – natural raw materials, from which gaseous ethylene is obtained by cracking. As a result of closed processes, a white powder is formed. This is polyvinyl chloride, a stable compound that is absolutely harmless to human health. To dispel all doubts, we will cite the fact that PVC is used in the manufacture of containers for storing donated blood and blood plasma.

Which windows to choose

With aluminum structures, everything is much easier. In principle, most people know about the environmental properties of aluminum profiles. For clarification, such windows may be recyclable..

Wood – what material can be more environmentally friendly? The question is in the processing of a wooden profile for the manufacture of such windows. Many are worried about the question of what allows wooden Euro-windows to have high indicators of wear resistance. Previously, wooden frames were made from raw solid, which reduced the service life of the window. Nowadays the technology of laminated veneer lumber is used, which, after prolonged drying, acquires the necessary properties for durability and its use in creating windows.

Which windows to choose

Finally, a question of aesthetics and beauty. But here: “the taste and color – no comrades!” Everyone chooses windows according to their preferences and taste. In any case, we hope that whatever windows you choose, they will meet all your wishes..

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