Plastic windows: advantages, educational program, basics, history of trends

Presenting your house, new or after a thorough renovation, is not possible today without plastic windows. Although many of you probably found the times when only a select few of this world heard about such a miracle 20 years ago.

Plastic windows

Today, the technologies for their production have been simplified to such an extent that the purchase and installation of double-glazed windows (and this is the second name that plastic windows have today) has become a common thing. And there are a lot of companies offering such services on the market, unfortunately, often not the best qualifications. And those firms that rivet double-glazed windows “on their knees” undermine the credibility of honest market players.

Therefore, you need to use only the services of proven and experienced firms, and not try to save money. Fortunately, prices for windows of decent quality have become more affordable today than ever..

So, what is the basis of a plastic window? That’s right, it’s plastic. PVC (aka polyvinyl chloride) has been known for so long that it managed to penetrate into all areas of our life – from technical packaging to medicine. Invented at the beginning of the 19th century, it was only a century later that it received its first recognition..

PVC windows

The first ideas about the manufacture of windows from plastic did not just fail miserably, but they did not meet with much enthusiasm either. There are two reasons..

The first is the human factor. The rigidity and orthodoxy of the stereotypes accepted in society prevented the transition from glass to plastic. “Well, we are used to it! And we don’t want to change anything! ” – surprised people exclaimed.

The second factor only strengthened the effect of the first: the quality of the first plastic products was so low that such windows could not withstand the impact of environmental factors: they cracked, bent, deteriorated in one word. Agree, a twisted window from which air whistles is a weak argument in favor of a novelty.

But the years went by, the quality grew, the consciousness of people was gradually rebuilt, and now the process, as they say, has begun. Initially, they were metal structures sewn into plastic of varying degrees of softness, but in the middle of the 20th century they began their march across Europe (Germany became the pilot, where cunning marketers literally stuck such a window to a happy client) and the USA. By the end of the second third of the 20th century, as a result of the use of titanium compounds and many other substances, the quality and service life of such products improved. And a little later, the question of environmental safety arose in full growth, because of which serious adjustments were made to the technological foundations of the manufacturing process..

Double-glazed windows

The main advantages over the old glass windows and classic window frames were and are the following:

  1. Double-glazed windows are more durable than glass and resistant to aggressive environments.
  2. There is no need to seal the windows for the winter (everyone remembers this ritual of the whole country in the fall, and then the reverse ritual – in the spring, and for some latecomers – in the summer), the tightness is quite high. And over time, a sagging window can be tightened and strengthened in a completely elementary way..
  3. Excellent sound insulation. Opening such a window, you can become deaf – so abruptly all sounds burst in, carefully blocked by a dense plastic “curtain”.
  4. Retention of heat, as a result of tightness, multi-chamber and other modern technologies save every calorie of heat in the apartment.
  5. Ease of service and maintenance.
  6. Long service life.

And if you consider that not only windows, but also plastic balconies are incredibly popular, then there are all reasons for joy.

All the qualities of plastic windows help to save money and significantly increase the level of comfort. So you should discard all doubts, choose the highest quality brand, seller and installer, and – go ahead! And then pleasant sunlight will pour through the beautiful windows, delighting everyone around.

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