Plastic windows – how not to be mistaken when choosing them

Nowadays, the most convenient and practical option for glazing an apartment is plastic windows. Their main advantages include the fact that they practically do not require any additional care from the owner. Also among their undoubted advantages is durability. By means of plastic windows in a living space, you can create a favorable microclimate, and not only when winter blizzards are raging outside the window, but also in the hot months of summer. However, in order for windows to serve you for many years and not cause major problems during operation, you must be guided by a number of criteria. We also want to analyze them in detail..

Plastic windows - how not to be mistaken when choosing them

Which window profile is the basis of window structures is the most important point to which you need to pay close attention. The quality of the profile largely affects the service life and appearance of the window. At the moment, the products of companies from Germany and Turkey are widely represented on the Russian market. There is also an opportunity to buy products from domestic companies. The German profile is of the highest quality. Window systems with such a profile are distinguished by their aesthetic appearance and can successfully perform the functions assigned to them for a long time. In addition, during use, there is no loss of their original performance characteristics. Choosing just such a profile for your windows, you can rest assured that these products will also endure sudden temperature changes and thermal loads. When choosing a profile, attention should also be paid not only to the name of its manufacturer, but also to the number of cameras in it. It is with three air chambers that it is necessary to choose windows for the cold climate of our country..

Plastic windows - how not to be mistaken when choosing them

The double-glazed window also deserves attention. 32 millimeters – this must be its minimum thickness. The insulating glass unit itself should have 3 glasses or two air chambers. Otherwise, even with a slight decrease in temperature outside, this will affect the microclimate in your home. The quality of the glass is also noteworthy. If the glass is made with high quality, then the visibility will not be distorted even if there are several layers of them. In addition, under loads, such glass will not undergo destruction from the slightest deformations of the window frame..

Plastic windows - how not to be mistaken when choosing them

Accessories for plastic windows should also be of high quality. Therefore, it is better not to seriously save on this, otherwise it can seriously affect the convenience of using the product during its operation. For example, the window will become difficult to open or close. Note that German manufacturers of plastic windows use very high quality fittings in their windows..

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