Plastic windows REHAU, advantages and new areas of application

REHAU plastic windows are branded products developed by German engineers taking into account the peculiarities of their use in Russia. Compared to cheap counterparts, high quality profiles are used in their construction. This means having a number of positive qualities..

Plastic windows REHAU

Firstly, it is an environmentally friendly profile that can be used in children’s institutions and hospitals. Secondly, higher quality plastic window profiles ensure a long service life, which can be 40-60 years..

Smoother and stronger surface does not darken over time, resists accidental scratches.

REHAU profile

REHAU PVC window manufacturers and suppliers offer special flexibility in order fulfillment. In addition to ordinary white windows, you can order multi-colored windows, including those made under a tree.

The shading and patterning of the surface is usually carried out using lamination technology, which produces a wear-resistant surface.

In addition, REHAU plastic windows can be ordered not only in the usual rectangular shape, but also in the shape of an arch, hexagonal and many others..

Non-standard forms of REHAU windows

Recently, the purchase of ready-made solutions, sets consisting not only of REHAU plastic windows, but also doors of the same company for apartments, country houses, as well as the creation of greenhouses and winter gardens, has become increasingly popular.

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