Pleated curtains – comfort and modernity

There is a strong association “blinds-office”. This association is easy to explain, but it immediately collapses when looking at some types of these interesting systems. There are blinds that, even with a strong desire, cannot be hung in the office – the comfort and tranquility they create do not set you up for work.

Blinds-pleated, or as they are also called – pleated curtains – one of the brightest representatives of home blinds. Due to the widest range of colors of fabrics used and the ability to adapt to any shape of the window, they successfully fit into any modern interior and go well with the fabrics used for decorating windows.

Pleated blinds have all the necessary qualities: functionality, reliability, ease of installation and ease of use. Pleated curtains especially useful if windows are irregularly shaped (e.g. triangular, semicircular or even round) and sloped, e.g. glass roofs in winter gardens.

There are two types of pleated blinds control:

1. Rope – lifting and lowering of the canvas is carried out using a control rope, similar to horizontal blinds. This type of control is possible only in rectangular curtains.
2. Manual – lifting and lowering of the canvas is carried out using a handle fixed to a movable cornice. In this case, the curtain can be collected up and down, and it is also possible to use two types of fabric (the so-called day-night system).

The system can be made in white or brown.

During operation pleated systems the fabric, especially when it hangs vertically, eventually gathers in large folds at the bottom and creates an uneven effect. Pleated fabric cut to fit the shape of an irregularly shaped window will only match this shape if the fabric is evenly distributed over the window area. If the curtain is, for example, triangular, the fabric will always be of the correct width at the very bottom. However, it will not completely cover the window if the fabric in the middle of the curtain gathers in large folds at the bottom. The above disadvantages are solved thanks to the Equipleat system, which is a system of additional ribbons on the back of the canvas, which does not allow the canvas to sag. In addition, Equipleat eliminates rope punching, making the fabric last longer and more aesthetically pleasing..

Conservatories, skylights and flaps are covered with curtains using Compleat accessories. In fact, this is the same Equipleat system, equipped with additional cables that do not allow the web to deviate from the inclined surface of the opening.

And one more huge plus – pleated pleats care is very simple – these products are easily washed in warm water and dried when folded.

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