Pros and cons of frameless glazing

An interesting way of glazing a balcony and loggia is the installation of a frameless system. This structure looks like a solid glass wall, in which there are no frames and vertical posts.

How to pull up a plastic window yourself

The frameless balcony glazing makes the structure airy and elegant. Thanks to the laconic glazing solution, where there are no intermediate lintels that crush and cross out the observed space, the view of such a balcony is very spectacular, both outside and inside..

Frameless glazing is also called Finnish, and is sometimes compared to Spanish, in which the sash is able to move on rollers along the frame. In the Spanish version, the doors are both swing and deaf. In the Finnish way of glazing, the sashes can move in any direction or to the center, while almost completely freeing the space from glass.

The design features of the frameless glazing method include the fact that the glass is subjected to a very high load. They need to be made of thick armored glass, and if you wish, tinted glass. It is necessary to fix such glasses in movable hinges, which are located in the guides of the aluminum profile. The profile is then securely bolted into the concrete. The glass joints must be closed with a transparent seal, thanks to which neither moisture, nor dust, nor fluff will get inside..

How to pull up a plastic window yourself

The advantages of frameless glazing can be considered:

  • aesthetics
  • reliable protection against atmospheric precipitation, icing and wind
  • safety
  • the ability to use on balconies of any configuration
  • ease of maintenance
  • a lot of light on the balcony or loggia
  • durability and strength of the structure

Unfortunately, frameless glazing also has disadvantages. In winter, it will not be possible to create room temperature on such a balcony – there is no heat protection and tightness. It is impossible to install a mosquito net on such a window..

Frameless glazing of a balcony or loggia is an expensive pleasure, in which there is no work that you could do yourself. By contacting a company that deals with this type of glazing, you pay for the delivery of all the necessary elements of this structure and its installation.

How to pull up a plastic window yourself

On such a loggia, you can not install heating, this will save.

It is also interesting that such glazing allows you to create a panoramic view from a balcony or loggia, despite the presence of glass.

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  1. Teagan

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of frameless glazing? Does it offer better aesthetics but compromise on insulation or security? I’m curious to know if it’s worth considering for my own project.

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