Prudent choice of plastic windows

Before changing ordinary windows to plastic ones, you need to weigh everything. Due to the fact that the market is saturated with various offers, the choice of the necessary windows is greatly complicated..

Prudent choice of plastic windows

And if, nevertheless, a person decided to install plastic windows, then he needs to make a careful choice so that later he does not regret their inadequate quality. Let’s look at some selection options to help you make the right decision..

Before looking for the necessary company dealing with plastic windows, you need to decide on their configuration. The most important primary characteristics include, among other things, the number of flaps and how these flaps will open. It is important to remember that the price of a window is associated with a blind (non-opening) segment. And the larger this segment is, the lower the cost of a plastic window will be. Also, the larger the window size, the lower the cost per square meter, and if the window is small, then the price per square meter increases sharply.

Glass unit selection

As soon as everything becomes clear with the configuration of the glass unit, it is necessary to obtain the dimensions of the window. It is not necessary to make initial measurements with millimeter precision. These calculations are needed to calculate the initial cost of the entire window.

Often, employees of firms that install plastic windows can offer other structural modifications. You should not reject their offers immediately, in most cases they give good advice. However, if there is a suspicion that they want to increase the price, immediately move away from such scammers..

At the finishing stage of ordering double-glazed windows, all the details of the expected windows must be agreed. For example, discuss the number of sashes and how to open them so that the plastic window has the lowest price. In total, there are three types of their opening:

  1. Swivel opening. The casement opens like ordinary windows installed on vertical hinges.
  2. Hinged opening. The sash is installed on horizontally installed hinges.
  3. Swing-out opening. Modern architecture, when the window can be opened both in the first and in the second of the above cases.

Find out what kind of profile you are offered. Highest quality profiles from Germany. In a practical way, it has been proven that German window production technologies are most suitable for dynamic loads and temperature differences..

Today profiles are divided into three classes: premium, classic and economy. If cost is the main criterion for you, then the best economy class windows are Proplex, Veka, Difence.

However, most often they buy classic profiles. For a long time the post-Soviet market has estimated their quality as the most practical. Here are the best brands – LG, Montblanc, Rehau, KBE.


It shouldn’t be surprising that premium windows are not much different from classic ones. The only difference is that marketers have promoted the DIMEX and THYSSEN brands to a higher level, but the quality is the same as that of the “classic” class. You end up paying only for the stamp..

Now it is necessary to resolve the confusion that arises between the number of glasses and cameras. Let’s give a definition. The chamber is the area between the glasses, which has rarefied gas and air, which protects the room well from cold and noise. So, if there are only two glasses in a glass unit, then this is a single-chamber glass unit. A double-glazed unit consisting of three panes is called a double-glazed unit. Such insulating glass units are the most ideal for protection against wind gusts and noise. Especially double-glazed windows are ideal for temperate latitudes.

In the case when your windows face a noisy street or you have a poorly heated room, three-chamber double-glazed windows will be the best option. These double-glazed windows are composed of five glasses, which makes up three chambers that do not let in noise and perfectly retain heat.

It is important that the window has high-quality fittings, otherwise there may be problems with jamming when opening or closing the sashes. Window fittings should be understood as latches, handles, locking mechanisms and other elements that provide opening, fixing in a certain position and locking the sashes of plastic windows. Unfortunately, domestic manufacturers do not yet produce high-quality fittings, so you have to choose foreign ones, although they are somewhat more expensive. Among imported accessories, you should pay attention to brands such as ROTO and SIEGENIA AUBI. All of them are distinguished by an ideal durable metal base of working elements.

Fittings for windows

When buying, you need to check the availability of certificates from sellers of plastic windows. Particular attention should be paid to the RAL certificate, which proves that the declared products are made in accordance with all physical and mechanical requirements, and the DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate, which confirms that the required characteristics were obtained as a result of a well-coordinated production process.

Check the warranty period. This is an important condition that characterizes the manufacturer of plastic windows. If the warranty period is only one year, then it is not worth spending your time on such a company, and if this period is more than ten years, then this speaks of the company’s professionalism. The window business has long established itself with a warranty period of five years.

Do not be surprised at the additional financial costs of installing slopes and low tides. They are not covered by the price of plastic windows. The ebb is installed outside. It is needed to draw rainwater from the window. Slopes are designed to cover defects that were obtained when removing the old and installing a new window. Of course, these elements can not be ordered, but then the appearance of the plastic windows will be smeared.

From all of the above, we can summarize that it is not worth saving on quality, since in a few years plastic windows will be able to turn yellow, let water through, become damp and irrevocably fail. At the same time, high-quality windows will have a constant magnificent view and functionality for many years, delighting not only you, but also passers-by.

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