PVC windows. How to find a good company to install them

You are tired of wooden cracked window structures, and you decided to buy and install new PVC windows in your apartment. It remains to choose a company that can carry out the installation of PVC windows with high quality and inexpensive.

Choice of installers

It seems to many inexperienced people that it is not difficult to find a suitable installation company that will install PVC windows of high quality and inexpensively. Thousands of magazines and newspapers are full of similar advertisements for the installation of turnkey PVC windows. At the same time, some of the ads promise urgent installation of PVC-profile windows at an insanely low cost. But, can such an enticing low cost and speed always lead to high quality work??

Installation firms

Therefore, you need to approach the choice of a contracting company that can carry out the installation of PVC windows, with all responsibility. It will be unpleasant to give a rather large sum of money and, as a result, get poorly supplied PVC windows. First of all, you need to make sure that you have high experience and a good reputation of the company that will install PVC windows. It is better to choose an installation company that has been installing PVC windows for at least ten years and is well versed in all the nuances. It is necessary to check whether all SNiPs (rules and regulations in construction) are observed here and inquire about the competence of employees.

You need to make sure that the installation company you have chosen has all the necessary permits for the installation of PVC windows – quality, hygiene, fire, compliance. The presence of these certificates can reliably guarantee strict compliance with the production technology, the strength of the window glass unit itself, the preservation of all properties of the raw materials, the complete absence of prohibited impurities in plastic windows..

Window installation guarantee

It is important that the company conducting the installation of PVC windows provides a fairly serious warranty. Attention: only the organization that has a reclamation department can do this (it is engaged in the elimination of hidden defects and defects that have arisen after the installation of PVC windows). A company that undertakes to install PVC windows must necessarily sign an agreement, where all the mutual obligations of the parties are agreed in detail.

Window quality

It is imperative that you yourself look at the PVC windows, which will be manufactured and installed by your chosen construction company. In ideal windows, their elements are well executed. They have a fairly large assortment of window designs, excellent views, high-quality fittings. The strength and durability of PVC windows depends on the fittings. Even if the entire window structure is made of high quality, everything can be ruined by poor quality elements. It is necessary to choose an installation company that does not save on quality.

Window fitters

The attitude towards the customers who have addressed, says a lot about the manufacturing company you have chosen. It is great if you felt the utmost courtesy and attentiveness to any person who applied to this company, readiness to answer absolutely all the questions of visitors and provide all the information. A reputable manufacturing company is certainly characterized by a very responsible attitude towards reputation, which can be expressed in accurate measurements, installation of PVC windows in constant compliance with building codes (SNiPs), compliance with contractual deadlines. PVC windows made by such a company will actually have the most decent quality and will be very durable.

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