PVC windows in Stalinist houses. Installation features

Buildings erected in 1945-1960 are usually called Stalin’s houses. Their scale, grandeur and power are still attracting attention. Stalinist buildings are located in the prestigious districts of the capital, in the center of Moscow, where the noise and hum of cars rushing under the windows does not stop day or night. In such a situation, even the presence of powerful walls does not save you from noise. Only reliable PVC windows, the excellent soundproofing properties of which are well known, can help out the residents of Stalinist houses..

PVC windows in Stalinist houses. Installation features

The quality of sound insulation is influenced by:

  • the number of glasses in a glass unit;
  • glass thickness;
  • the size of the chamber (how thick is the air gap between the glasses);
  • tightness of the structure with minimal permeability of joints.

When choosing a double-glazed window, you need to know the main characteristics of its varieties. A single-chamber design with one frame can reduce the noise level by about 30-35 dB, a two-chamber design by almost 40 dB. To further increase the sound insulation, you can use a double glazing (the most common option – reduces noise by 40-49 dB) or double glazing (reduction is 45-55 dB).

PVC windows in Stalinist houses. Installation features

It is also possible to reduce the level of street noise by using glasses and air gaps of various thicknesses in one glass unit, using “triplex”.

It is necessary to understand that the main problem that arises when installing PVC windows in Stalinist buildings is installation. A lot of difficulties and mistakes are caused in this situation by non-standard dimensions of window structures. A stepped configuration, ledges and towers, spiers and balconies, large windows, a monumental entrance – all this is usually present in a Stalinist house of the middle of the 20th century. The unusual architecture of such houses significantly complicates both measurement and installation of PVC windows..

Large wall thickness – in old houses it is 2 times higher than that of a modern wall of a brick and panel house, makes it necessary to carefully adjust narrow PVC glass units to a wide opening of an old type of window structure.

PVC windows in Stalinist houses. Installation features

Inaccurate installation of a plastic window in such an opening and non-observance of the “dew point” can lead in the future to condensation on the outside of the window and blowing through gaps larger than two centimeters.

Stalinist houses are ready to present other surprises for the installers of PVC windows. It often happens that preliminary measurements turn out to be incorrect due to the fact that the internal openings of the windows are reinforced with wooden beams and it is necessary to completely dismantle the old structure. Sometimes, because of this, the order and production of PVC windows have to be done twice.

Therefore, the importance of careful measurement, precise manufacturing of the selected window structure and high-quality installation work for its installation in Stalinist houses is understandable. The complexity of the work performed imposes special requirements on the level of qualifications of the installers, and they have sufficient experience in installing such windows. Now the installation is significantly accelerated by the use of modern materials and technologies (frame structures, lifting mechanisms).

PVC windows in Stalinist houses. Installation features

The uniqueness of modern PVC profiles allows them to be successfully used in houses of various types – “stalinkas”, “Khrushchevs”, modern brick and panel multi-storey buildings, cottages, offices and shops. The variety of options offered allows us to satisfy any client’s wishes and provide good heat and sound insulation of premises, improve the design and comfort of home and office.

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