Restoration of old wooden windows on our own

Restoration of old wooden windows on our own

A wooden window, installed in a dwelling several decades ago, performed its main function, namely, daylight illumination while maintaining heat, no worse than modern analogues made of PVC or aluminum. Naturally, under the influence of time, many characteristics have become worse. The easiest way, in this case, is to completely replace it. Fortunately, there are a lot of offers on the market now..

These are plastic windows, reinforced with a metal profile, and wooden windows made of eurobeam, and combined structures, the inside of which is made of wood, and the outside is made of weather-resistant aluminum. Restoring old windows will help restore all the lost qualities, making them no worse than modern counterparts. In order to restore a wooden window, you will need a minimum set of tools, a small amount from the family budget and a few days multiplied by the skillful hands of a home craftsman.

What prompts people to massively replace old windows with modern designs? One of the main reasons is the imposition of stereotypes through the media that the new metal-plastic windows have a number of advantages over the old-type structures. And one of the main stereotypes is more heat preservation, which is ultimately the main desire of the consumer. Also attractive is the appearance of modern plastic windows. If desired and skillful, old windows can become as functional and beautiful.

Restoration of old wooden windows on our own

If layers of paint have formed on your old windows, the sashes do not fit tightly to the frames, the fittings no longer close them and you can hear the howling of the wind on winter evenings – this is not a reason to throw them out! Choose a warm, windless day and start preparing the surfaces of frames and sashes for cleaning. Several methods can be used to remove the old paint layer. The chemical method for removing old paintwork involves the application of a special reagent that dissolves the layers of old paint to the base. During mechanical cleaning, the surface is treated with emery cloths of various fractions. Both the one and the other methods are quite laborious, it is possible that to achieve the desired effect, you will have to use their combination.

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The restoration of old windows requires a certain set of tools, namely:

  • screwdrivers of various configurations and sizes;
  • chisels for wood;
  • pine blocks and blanks;
  • a hammer;
  • brushes or rollers;
  • scraper, spatulas;
  • brush;
  • remover for old paintwork;
  • solvent;
  • acrylic putty;
  • new fittings included;
  • rubber seals.

First of all, the sashes are dismantled, old fittings, counter strips on the frames, glass are removed. Then you can start applying a chemical reagent – a wash. Since this reagent contains alkalis, it is advisable to carry out work in overalls that protect all exposed areas of the body. The layer thickness and reaction time are usually indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer. After the opening reaction has passed, you can begin to remove the old coating with a scraper. If after this operation there are residues of paint, the procedure is repeated. After rough processing, the surface of the frames and sashes should be wiped with a solvent to remove the residual remover. Then you can sand the surface with coarse sandpaper..

Restoration of old wooden windows on our own

At the next stage, it is necessary to eliminate irregularities and defects with the help of putty. If significant damage to the wood is found, it can be repaired with pine blanks, which are attached with PVA glue and nails. Minor damage can be repaired with a paste made from PVA and sawdust. When all the repaired areas and putty are dry, you can start sanding the surfaces. Gradually go from coarse sandpaper to fine sandpaper, achieve as smooth as possible. For convenience, sandpaper can be attached to a block of wood with small nails.

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Restoration of old wooden windows on our own

It is better to paint prepared windows with a spray gun, if possible. However, at home, a good and even coating can be achieved with an ordinary brush and roller. Now the stores offer a variety of wood paints of various compositions. Many of them require special application technology, others take too long to dry, and still others cannot provide the wood with adequate protection. Therefore, it is best to use an old and proven coating – pentaphthalic enamel, which protects the wood from environmental influences for a long time. In the process of painting, you can show your creativity by refreshing the interior of the room with unusual colors. The windows of “ultramarine” or “soft emerald” color look good. The result of such creativity can encourage you to continue experimenting, creating an unusual home design. Very good results are achieved with semi-gloss and matt paints.

Restoration of old wooden windows on our own

New hinges and fittings will help make old windows warm and comfortable and pleasant to use. With the help of adjustable hinges, the sashes are fixed to the frames with a small gap required for the rubber seal. It should be quite soft and pliable, because one of its functions is to align the plane of the sash to the frame. The sealant has proven itself well, its hollow profile is made in the form of a hemisphere. Compressing, it fills the gap between the sash and the frame, providing maximum pressure. When the sashes are in place, window locks, handles and strikers can be installed.

Instead of old glass, you can use thin glass units, which will be made in any glass workshop. Their thickness should not exceed 10 mm. Installation of such double-glazed windows is best done on transparent silicone. It will not only fill the gaps, but also eliminate the rattling of the glass when closing.

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Qualitatively restored wooden windows retain heat no worse than their modern counterparts, delighting not only with functionality, but also with an attractive appearance.

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