Roof windows. detailed information

Today in Russia the construction of attics is proceeding at a rapid pace. Technologies for the arrangement of premises on the market allow you to make a modern office or luxury housing from a banal attic.

Special requirements are imposed on the construction of attic windows and roofing cake. A skylight, which is made of glass and wood, is at first glance the most vulnerable element of the roof. But the solutions that the manufacturers have developed refute this opinion and allow us to talk about high safety, reliability, strength of windows for a modern roof made of various roofing materials (dormers).

Roof windows. detailed information

One of the features of the glass units that are installed in modern skylights is impact resistance, which is achieved through the use of tempered glass. It is subjected to a special heat treatment (tempering), as a result of which a uniformly distributed internal stress appears in it, which quadruples the mechanical strength of the glass. Due to the use of special fuses in the construction of the roof window, the glass unit cannot be removed, which complicates penetration from the outside. A glass system that is made of two or more layers “glued” over the entire surface to each other is called triplex. The purpose of installing a triplex is to improve the heat-saving parameters, as well as significant protection against burglary.

Roof windows can also be equipped with anti-vandal glass or armored glass unit. Roof windows can also be fitted with a tamper-resistant lock from the inside, which does not have a cylinder on the outside. In some models of roof windows, a specially designed handle prevents penetration into the attic even with the window ajar.

Additional safety of the skylights is provided by external roller shutters made of aluminum profiles – one of the most popular window protection devices in Russia.

Roof windows. detailed information

An important component of the security system of the premises is the issue of emergency evacuation from the premises. For buildings that provide for evacuation through the roof, special roof windows have been designed. For example, these are evacuation windows that can open upwards by seventy degrees, which, combined with their large dimensions, provide an opportunity to safely and quickly leave the premises in case of danger. These roof windows also have a mid-pivot opening mechanism so that they can be washed..

To provide protection against carbon monoxide poisoning in the event of a fire, a remote controlled smoke control system can be integrated into roof windows that automatically opens the window in the event of a fire.

Safety during the operation of a roof window is achieved by the following design solutions:

  1. Tempered glass. If tempered glass breaks, it will crumble into small pieces without injuring a person.
  2. The location of the handle at the bottom of the sash. Even if the window is high, the bottom handle of the window makes opening much easier and reduces the risk of injury.
  3. Use of safety edges. Due to the curved edges of the aluminum flashing profiles, safety is guaranteed during installation and cleaning of windows.
  4. The ability to open the window to one hundred and eighty degrees and fix it in this position.
  5. The presence of a window lock and a special latch that does not allow small children to open the window on their own.

Roof windows. detailed information

Thanks to modern technologies used in construction and the high quality of building materials used today, safety is becoming an important factor. Currently, there are dormer windows that provide a comfortable stay in the attic and safety. The following manufacturers of roof windows are represented on the market today: Germany, Poland, Denmark.

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