Simple secrets of a good window

Once the thought of new windows visits even those who have never moved anywhere in their lives. And there is nothing to say about those who are building the house. So what is worth paying attention to?


At the pike’s will, at my will!

Let’s start at the beginning: what windows are required and how many you need to buy. Windows in the bedroom, kitchen or attic will differ from each other, since they have different tasks. If knowledge about the structure of the window is still in its infancy, then we remind you that it is customary to divide the window into three components: a profile, a double-glazed window and fittings.. Profile can be made of PVC, wood-aluminum or just aluminum. Glass unit – a sealed construction of two or more glasses, with the possibility of energy saving and enhanced security. Remains the most mysterious part of the window, called fittings.
All window mechanics are fittings: hinges, locks, opening mechanisms, latches and latches. The list of leaders in the production of fittings is headed by German companies: ROTO, SIEGENIA-AUBI, WINKHAUS. The products of the Austrian company MACO can also be added to the top list. This list is worth paying attention to if repairing or even replacing a window is not among your favorite activities..

Why do you need fittings?

The answer is simple: the durability and quality of a window depends on the fittings. This is not a little thing to ignore. If it suddenly turns out that one of its parts is made of plastic or just low-quality metal, then neither the profile nor the glass unit will provide comfort. The absence of fittings means that the window is “deaf”, that is, without the possibility of opening and ventilation. This can be installed in a closet, but it is forbidden to install such windows in residential premises..
One of the reasons for which little attention is paid to fittings is its “invisibility”. One handle remains visible. True, in a modern window, its functions are practically limitless. Previously, a handle was fitted at every locking point. Modern hardware with one handle evenly locks the window along the entire perimeter. In addition, the fittings can open the window for ventilation. This allows you to abandon the window and increase the amount of light passing through the window..

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Hardware options

Good fittings allow the sash to be closed without leaving gaps, and adjusts the clamping force depending on the season. It also provides various ways of opening: tilt, swing-out, sliding, folding, swing, top-hung sash. Each option has its own fittings. In addition, it is customary to distinguish it by the direction of opening and the permissible weight..
As a rule, windows with a swing-out mechanism are chosen. We can say that this is the basic configuration. A more “advanced” window is equipped with a rotation limiter. An additional brake can be fitted to stabilize the sash. A slot ventilator (its presence is required, since modern windows are airtight) allows you to open the window by a few millimeters. The swing-out limiter provides ventilation in several positions, the latch prevents swinging-slamming from the wind. A very useful device is a microlift. It allows you to raise the sagging sash, which relieves the hinges. But most importantly, opening such a window does not require much effort. For family people, a child lock will be useful: it only allows you to open the sash. To increase security, you can additionally embed a lock into the handle.

Mandatory program

High-quality fittings are effortless and cannot jam or jam. By the way, according to Russian GOST, the hardware must withstand 20,000 openings..
SIEGENIA-AUBI fittings have several ventilation modes, including summer and winter: the sash can be opened from 4 to 16 cm, and the sash will not slam shut from drafts. Correct ventilation can also be achieved without a swing-out window: SIEGENIA-AUBI offers a special device for this purpose – the swing drive of the GD 400 series. Once installed, it is enough to turn the handle by 180? or 90? or move it down: the window will open to the required distance. In general, high-quality fittings make it possible to modernize the window.

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Safety comes first!

A country house or the first and last floor in a city is a high-risk area. Windows are the most vulnerable part of a home. Many have a justifiable bias against bars. In this case, there is only one way out – anti-burglar fittings. Her order will increase the cost of the window, but the case is also not free!
The largest range of services in this area is offered by SIEGENIA-AUBI. The simplest option is the FAVORIT Si-line S-ES modular system. Safety in this case is provided by a locking element – a mushroom trunnion made of special steel (withstands a load of 1500 kg).
The A 300 Safety PLUS fittings use a double locking system, the FUNKSENSORIK radio control will warn about open doors. It is worth mentioning about the entrance groups. These are the so-called parallel-sliding structures PSK-Portal and folding sliding structures FS-PORTAL. For example, for going out to the winter garden or when there is a desire to make almost the entire wall transparent. These inputs can also be protected with SIEGENIA-AUBI hardware.

Issue price

The smaller the fittings and the simpler the window, the lower the cost – this is understandable. But the price is made up of many components. Now experts call the following figures: a blind window – about $ 70, a swing-out window – $ 122, a swing-out window – $ 134 (price per square meter). This price includes only standard fittings, with which there is no question of any ventilation modes. Installation on average is up to 25% of the cost of the product. You will also have to add (about 50% to the cost of the window) on the windowsill, ebb, slopes, mosquito net. Naturally, if the window is non-standard – rectangular, arched, triangular and made of valuable wood species, then prices will go off scale. But what is important – you should never save on fittings. Let it provide a minimum of functions, but it will be produced by a decent company. Especially when you consider that the hardware accounts for only about 10-15% of the total cost of the window.!

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