Sound insulation of modern plastic windows

As we all know, plastic windows have become widespread thanks to sound insulation systems, because of which windows protect us from unnecessary sounds, give us peace and keep our nerves and hearing in perfect order, while allowing us to ventilate the room, as well as really insulate well from the influence of cold winter weather. In their own way, plastic windows are a great invention, especially if you take into account large and noisy cities with many cars making a variety of, sometimes very loud sounds.

Sound insulation of modern plastic windows

It is extremely important to correctly approach the issue of choosing a plastic insulating glass unit so that all the qualities listed above become available to you as a consumer.

To begin with, let’s figure out what sound is, and in what range a person perceives it. Sound is a manifestation of oscillation of waves that propagate everywhere depending on the strength of the impact and are reflected from the human auricles, thus sending a signal directly to the cortex of the human brain. The human ear can hear fluctuations from 16 to 20,000 hertz. That is, from 16 vibrations per second. It should be added that with age, the range in which a person hears decreases significantly and is approximately one and a half to two times less than at birth. City noises are also to blame for this. Best of all, a person distinguishes sounds at a frequency of 3000 to 8000 hertz.

The loudness of the sound is the intensity of the vibrations of the waves, due to which there is pressure on the eardrums of a person. The volume is measured in decibels, and the minimum value of the volume of sound that a person can hear is equal to one decibel.

Sound background in the range from 0 to 10 decibels is considered to be almost complete silence. But if we take the noise of city traffic, then every day, just while walking to work by the road or across the road, our ears are subjected to pressure with a value of 60-70 decibels.

Sound insulation of modern plastic windows

The noise level in any apartment depends on the thickness of the barrier between the street and the apartment. Also, the noise is significantly affected by the presence of wind..

Thus, we understand that the sound-insulating qualities of a plastic bag depend on several factors: the number of glasses, thickness, tightness of the packet joints and the size of the air layer between the glasses..

When a plastic bag receives sound waves, the process from the initial reception of sound to the human ear proceeds as follows.

At first, the sound affects the window as a whole, and rests against the first obstacle – it becomes the first outer glass of the plastic window. This causes the glass to vibrate, and this glass, in turn, also begins to emit sound, but somewhat weaker than outside. Further, the sound wave enters the inter-glass space, which is called the glass unit chamber. The air in this chamber acts as a kind of shock absorber. A sound wave, even weaker than before, reaches the second glass, and if this is the last glass, then the noise, depending on the quality of the glass unit, is reduced by at least five times.

Sound insulation of modern plastic windows

It is important to know that a sound wave can enter into resonance with the material of the glass unit, in this case the sound insulation will suffer greatly, and the person will hear more than he wants to hear when he closes the window. But it is also important to note that such a resonance occurs only when the sound frequency of the material and sound coincide. In other cases, the plastic glass unit remains reliable. However, after exposure to such a resonance, the soundproofing of the package increases sharply.

Undoubtedly, tightness also plays a very important role in the soundproofing of an insulating glass unit. Pay attention that all parts of the glass unit, along the entire frame and at all joints, fit together as best as possible. This is very important, because if there is at least one hole, the sound will begin to penetrate into the room almost freely..

Sound insulation of modern plastic windows

Very often, in order to improve the performance of soundproofing, experts resort to methods of filling the chamber of a glass unit with a variety of gases. Such experiments led to a positive result only in one case, when sulfur hexafluoride was used. But due to its poisonous properties – the idea of ​​filling a double-glazed unit chamber with gas did not spread anywhere.

Concluding this reference article, we conclude that the most effective in protecting against street noise background are double-glazed windows of a two-chamber structure, provided that their air chambers and glass are of different thicknesses, which will avoid resonance of a sound wave and, as a result, penetration her into the room where this glass unit is installed. Soundproofing of any glass unit is more than 40 dB.

Pay attention to the quality of the purchased glass unit.

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