The benefits of mirrors

The mirror not only helps to direct beauty. Its convenient location expands the space, and its shape and framing create a decorative effect in the decoration of the house..

The mirror has long become a common household item. Looking carefully at our morning face, casually examining ourselves before leaving the house, we simply use the reflective power of mirrors, without thinking about its other functions. But they also interact with the space of the house, pushing the walls apart, multiplying and poeticizing the comfort of table lamps, flowers in vases, favorite objects. The choice of the size, format, frame of the mirror, its placement in the house is a rather tricky business. In each part of the room, the mirror has its own special purpose and additional role..

Our conversation with the mirror begins in the morning, when we go into the bathroom. The main place of the mirror in the bathroom is above the washbasin.

It is better if it is extended vertically and, perhaps, is fixed on hinges so that the angle of inclination and rotation can be adjusted.

It is convenient for him to have an additional mirror on the handle so that in their double system, standing with your back to the main one, you can see the hairstyle from the back of the head. The bathroom mirror is best placed in a stainless steel or plastic frame: damp.

In the hallway, hallway, corridor, the mirror also has mainly business purposes. It should be placed closer to the front door so that it is convenient to look at yourself from head to toe, adjust a hat or comb your hair. A mirror is also successfully placed on the front door, especially if the hallway is small: the reflection visually increases the space. If the corridor is narrow, it is better to hang the mirrors on the side wall to give the impression of being wider. When placed against each other and illuminated with top and side lights, an intriguing world of multiple reflections is created, while the walls move apart. A mirror well designed in shape and frame can become the core of the entire interior. So. If the lamps in the hallway have metal frames, then the mirror can also be in the same metal frame. Mirrors in wooden frames look especially organic – in the contrast of warm wood and cold glass surface. The gilded wooden frame of the mirror can give the interior a somewhat palatial shade, according to which you can pick up other utensils..

Most apartments have a room, which is usually called a common room, and which often plays the role of a living room, dining room, office. Strictly speaking, a mirror is not necessary in such a room, because it is not recommended to comb your hair in public, correct your makeup or look at your face. But the mirror reflects so beautifully a well-laid table, the flickering of elegant dresses, the sparkle of festive candles and decorations! It becomes part of the decoration of the room, giving it completeness and charm. Particular attention should be focused on where and what kind of mirror to hang, keeping in mind the effect of the visual increase in space, the play of reflections and the unity of style. In the living room, high-hanging mirrors with a tilt (about 2/3 of the height), round or horizontally elongated, are good. The framing of the mirror should correspond to the spirit of the whole room and take into account its neighbors – paintings, prints, panels, carpets. It is better not to hang a mirror next to the picture, but against the background of the carpet, it can look great. If the frame is difficult to match the wallpaper and the overall wall decor, a neutral wood frame to match the furniture should be preferred..

A mirror in a children’s room is necessary: ​​a small person not only gets used to his appearance, but also learns to monitor the neatness and beauty of clothes. The mirror should be hung low, with an inclination, so that the child can see himself in it at full height. You can think of a more interesting frame – from multi-colored plastic, from wood with carvings and paintings, or braid it with colored cords with tassels and pompoms.

The old frame can be covered with cloth or decorative paper. The same paper can be used to paste over boxes for toys, and make pillows from fabric.

For a bedroom, any detail of the interior must be selected with a special mood. Of course, you can limit yourself to a purely functional mirror in your wardrobe. You can dream of a mirrored ceiling, but even a small mirror, hung horizontally with a tilt, skillfully illuminated by a pair of flickering night lights, can bring new intonations to a love relationship. Oval mirrors and under-mirror dressing tables are appropriate in the bedroom.

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