The new generation of roof windows

You are building a house … How many magazines and books on this topic have already been read, how many variants of projects have been worked out, how many types of building materials have been studied … It is not surprising: after all, everyone wants to have the highest quality, most reliable. So that it was like this: built a house, settled in it – and forgot that there is such a word – “repair”.

That is why it is so important to foresee everything at the design stage: to include the attic in the project (so as not to regret the attic that wasted in vain), to choose, plan and install the attic windows correctly (so that the rooms under the roof are cozy, light and warm at any time of the year ).

This year on the Russian market appeared new generation of roof windows VELUX. The technology of production and installation of the window has changed. The window now “sits” deeper in the roof and practically does not protrude above the tile surface. “What advantages does it give us?” – you ask. We answer: the confidence that with such windows your attic will become an impregnable fortress for the intrigues of bad weather. Because now

mounting plates – “stars”

  • The junction of the window with the roof has become “warmer” – and the house will be warmer.
  • New technology of window installation on special mounting plates – “stars” minimizes the possibility of errors during window installation
  • We use a double-glazed window, which is produced according to the improved technology of “warm perimeter”, due to which even less heat is lost and no condensation is formed
  • The design of the window has also changed: instead of strict right angles, there are smoothed, streamlined, ergonomic shapes. Nice and modern.
    New models have appeared in the VELUX family of roof windows!

    INTEGRA GGL or GGU – European hit in 2003. This model can rightfully be called an “all inclusive” system, because it is already equipped with an electric drive, rain sensor and infrared remote control. When installing, you only need to connect one wire to the electrical network and … without getting up, you can open and close a window, a vent or curtains. And leaving the house, you don’t have to worry, feverishly remembering if the window was left open. At the first drops of rain, the sensor itself will give the command “close the window”.

    GGU – white roof window with polyurethane coating. The frame of the window is made of wood, which provides durability, and the polyurethane coating is the best option for use in rooms with high levels of humidity, such as a bathroom or kitchen … and not only. Do you like white windows? Then feel free to use GGU in any other room of the attic. (Do you want one secret? If there is a nursery in the attic, install such windows there. Then you can safely leave your child alone with felt-tip pens and paints. Even if the baby paints the window, you can easily return it to its previous appearance by simply wiping the surface with a damp cloth.). By the way, unlike PVC, polyurethane is environmentally friendly: no lead is used in its production, and during combustion it does not emit harmful dioxin.

    Skylights are the eyes of your home through which you can observe the beauty of the surrounding world. But what if there is a picturesque landscape outside the window, and the roof slope is small and nothing is visible? There is also an option for you – a window GPL. The frame of such a window not only opens in the center, but also swings open from bottom to top by 45 degrees, plus it is fixed in any position. There is an additional handle at the bottom. Open it as you like! With such a window, nothing escapes your sight.

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