The plastic window needs protection. Types of protective films

Plastic windowrequires protection. But in this article we will not talk about ways of courting, that is, about protection from nature, but we will tell you how to protect a window from humanity. So how can the window be protected from humanity and from whom specifically? There are different defenses – from thieves, hooligans, from neighbors, or, if this object is under protection, from repeat offenders. Protection is also simple from human eyes. More from noise, fire, sun, even from fragments of broken glass, for example, during the so-called “household” or during an earthquake. There are quite a few defenses, we have listed only the most common ones. Although we said that only the protection of a plastic window is necessary, or rather its glass, in fact, we must protect our home – our fortress.

We will talk in this article about protective films that make our windows safe and comfortable. Films are classified into groups based on what and what they protect. Let’s consider some options in order to determine the choice – what is needed for a particular object, home, office, and at the same time, you will expand your horizons in a useful, interesting topic, because this information is really intriguing.

Let’s start with glazing. This is a coating with a special film (although any kind is a protective film), with the help of which the glass is made shockproof. There are three types of glazing. Class A – capable of withstanding a blow from a stone, a stick, and so on. Class B – capable of withstanding more powerful blows, glass breaks only in those places where the blow is made. That is, if an intruder tries to crawl into your house, it will take him several minutes to break through the glass in order to knock out a hole to his size in pieces. If you have an alarm, then such armor is very good, the attacker will not have time to dig a hole for himself before the arrival of the group. Class B – bulletproof film. This is the most real armor, it will be able to save even from an automatic fire. If you are afraid of stray or not stray bullets, then this option is the most suitable for you, you will sleep peacefully.

Now let’s look at shatterproofness. Having applied this film, you can not be afraid that accidentally broken glass can injure someone. If you put this film on a storefront, then you shouldn’t worry about the safety of the goods. The glass, thanks to the shatterproof films, does not shatter into small cut pieces, but stays together. Only with strong explosions, impacts, the glass can still fly apart, but into large pieces, not small and will not cause severe damage. It is advisable to install such glasses with a special film on cars, so that if an accident occurs, less damage to health is caused..

We talked about shatterproof types of films. These films can be used in Euro windows. Now let’s continue to consider ways to protect plastic windows.

Heat-saving films. They retain up to 45 percent of the heat in the room (heat passing through the glass outside). That’s really a lot. Therefore, if you want to make the house warm, then you need to apply a film. If, however, you want to make the house very warm, then you need to apply a heat-saving film to the plastic window.

Next, consider the films that keep from fire. Due to their fire resistance, direct fire can be stopped up to 40-50 minutes. During this time, the fire can be extinguished freely. Therefore, this tape can be installed for safety in some places. For example, on doors with glass. Now we will consider a film that is able to protect the house and the people living in it from ultraviolet rays, which are dangerous in large quantities. Of course, you won’t be able to sunbathe, but you won’t be baked. Almost 99 percent of ultraviolet radiation is capable of repelling sun protection film. Therefore, on windows in an appropriate climate, it is advisable to install such a film.

Also, there is an interesting type of film that must be installed in the offices of large, serious companies. Such films, in addition to protection from prying, unnecessary eyes (with one-sided visibility), will also be jammers of some radio wave ranges. Even if a bug is installed on you, no one will be able to hear anything, because waves cannot pass through the glass from the enemy’s bug. The variety is very interesting. Thanks to such innovations, a large number of enterprises began to feel a little weakening from pesky competitors..

We will finish the article with a story about another novelty of films (it can be applied not only to plastic, but to any window) – spectral-selective film filters. With the help of them, you can reduce noise, heat reflection in the room, convective currents near the walls, which also prevents heat from leaving the room. Also, such filters are capable of reflecting infrared radiation from the sun. Great invention from new technologies.

On this we will finish talking about the films, because there is already plenty to choose from for all occasions. Install the film you need and your life will be easier. Plastic window with protective film really a real valuable invention of modern man.

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