The whole truth about the dangers of plastic windows

Since the creation of plastic windows and to this day, there is an opposite opinion about their safety. Although, of course, it is very clear that the situation is heating up doctors and environmentalists. It’s all about a biased approach and an excessive, but unjustified desire to protect people from toxic substances. But it is this fact that relates more to myth than to reality. And although hazardous substances are really contained in the composition of pvc windows, it is necessary to take into account what state they are in..

Climate control in plastic windows

PVC windows are named after polyvinyl chloride, which is the main component. The composition of this substance includes two others in almost equal proportions, these are chlorine and ethylene. Polyvinyl chloride is a powder and needs to be diluted with several components to get the final result suitable for use in pvc frames. That is, this substance is diluted, bound and inactive. And this is a very important nuance. An inactive substance cannot have a toxic effect on the environment and the life of people in close proximity to it.

Another danger, according to experts, can be lead, used as a stabilizer. Although this component is in small quantities, and if it still raises your concerns, you can order windows that contain zinc and calcium. Fortunately, at the moment, the production and development of pvc windows does not stand still and is very diverse..

Climate control in plastic windows

But what about in extreme situations, when, for example, there is a fire and plastic windows are exposed to extreme temperatures? And in this case, the advantage of using pvc windows is on the face. If we compare the result of burning wood and polyvinyl chloride, we can say that wood is the most dangerous. The wood burns faster and emits carbon monoxide, which is difficult to recognize. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless. Plastic burns much slower and will begin to release harmful substances much later. During this time, there is a real opportunity to leave the place of the fire and take the necessary actions.

Climate control in plastic windows

Currently, large manufacturers of plastic windows care about the safety of their use, having sufficient knowledge. After all, more than fifty years have passed since the appearance of the first plastic window!

And now many people continue to order pvc windows, not worrying about the safety of life and the environment. And as we discussed above, there are good reasons for this..

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