Thermal insulation technology for old wooden windows

The approaching winter and, accordingly, the coming frosts present us with the problem of window insulation. The most cardinal step on this path is replacing old windows with new ones, but other options are possible with a detailed consideration of this situation..

Технология утепления старых деревянных окон <p>The approaching winter and, accordingly, the coming frosts “src =” / pub / uploads / 201212 / 3737497131359613.jpg “></p> <p>There is such a system of window insulation, which is called Swedish or Canadian. Its essence consists in laying a special high-tech material throughout the frame, between the sashes, cutting it right into the tree.</p> <p>It is durable (service life of fifteen years), wear-resistant, resistant to chemical and physical influences, easy to use, flexible. This is one of the varieties of chemical rubber, but its harmlessness has been proven and confirmed by certificates and GOSTs of safety for human health. It fills all the cracks, and therefore does not allow the penetration of cold air, dust, dirt, noise, wind.</p> <p><img width=

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