Types of double-glazed windows for plastic windows

Double-glazed windows are single-chamber, two-chamber and three-chamber.

Types of double-glazed windows

Single-chamber double-glazed window is two glasses that are located at a fixed distance (standard 12 and 16 mm) using a spacer.


Glasses for the manufacture of a glass unit can be of different thicknesses – 4, 5 and 6. For a single-chamber glass unit, the formula looks like this – 4-16-4, where a glass unit with two glasses, each of which is 4 mm, they are spaced from each other at a distance of 16 mm distance frame. The total thickness of the glass unit is 4 + 16 + 4 = 24mm.

To reduce the noise level and increase the thermal characteristics, a double-glazed unit has been developed. The essence of such a glass unit is the presence of three glasses, which are separated by a spacer frame into two compartments. As for the formulas of a double-glazed unit, they may be different. Glasses – from 4 to 6 mm wide, interlayers between them – from 6 to 16 mm. The gaps between the glasses do not have to be equal.

Double-glazed window

Soundproofing is most effective if the distances in the same unit are different. Therefore, spacers in double or triple glazing must be of different widths.

For maximum silence in the house and heat preservation, a three-chamber double-glazed unit is designed. These are four glasses, which are interconnected by spacers. These double-glazed windows are installed where there is a very harsh climate, or when the most reliable protection against noise is needed. But this option also has disadvantages. One of them is heavy weight, because of which, the window must be divided into a large number of small vents, in order to avoid reducing the service life of the structure..

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Three-chamber glass unit

In order to avoid problems with customers in the future, many companies refuse to make such windows. In addition, such a double-glazed window transmits less light, you will either need to live in twilight, or abandon this undertaking. And the price for such windows becomes much higher.

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