Unauthorized entry is prohibited, yours are welcome!

Few of us will be pleased if someone outside walks into the house uninvited. Moreover, he will not just go in, but he will leave in the hallway, wipe his feet on the carpet in the living room and brazenly fall apart on the sofa in the middle of the room … You will say that this does not happen?


In such a frank form, it may not happen. But we often do not notice hidden “uninvited guests” at home – or we notice later than we would like. When they have already managed to “inherit”.

The most visible of the intruders is the noise from the streets. Even residents of apartments, whose windows overlook relatively quiet courtyards, are not spared from nightly cat concerts, barking dogs and singing of drunken fellow citizens. What can we say about those who are “lucky” to have windows overlooking a busy street …
A less noticeable, but no less unpleasant guest is a draft. It is not as arrogant and obvious as noise, but it can bring even more problems. After all, earplugs can help with noise. But it takes more than one day and more than one handkerchief to treat a cold caused by a harmless “breeze” between the window and the front door..
The most insidious and secretive “intruders” are air pollution and street dust. Especially in big cities, where a “cocktail” of the smell of gasoline, the “aromas” of the nearest plant, particles of black soot and ordinary dust is in the air. We get used to smells (although this does not add to our health), and we do not notice the dust until we run our finger along the windowsill … But these newcomers of all uninvited are perhaps the most harmful.

These are the unpleasant visitors who come to our apartments from the street along with the air. Moreover, even fashionable double-glazed windows do not save them. Plastic windows are great, but only in terms of airtightness and heat retention. Unfortunately, we cannot live without air. According to sanitary standards, one square meter of living space per hour requires three cubic meters of fresh air! That is, in fact, in an hour all the air in the apartment must be completely renewed. And you need to get these cubic meters not once at the end of the month, but constantly.
Therefore, both the happy owners of plastic windows and mere mortals have to open the window from time to time to ventilate the apartment. And through the window … see above.

Since to ventilate the house and at the same time not to let “uninvited guests” from the street into it?
Everyone has the right to solve this issue in his own way. A common, though not cheap, solution is to install an air conditioner. However, most air conditioners work by cooling and circulating the same air around the apartment. It is updated only by expensive air conditioning systems, where there is a metered inflow of fresh air from the outside. And with additional filters to purify this outdoor air, these air conditioners are even more expensive and difficult to maintain. (And it blows from a powerful air conditioner no worse than from an open window …)

One of the most intelligent, simple and inexpensive solutions to the problem is special ventilation devices (ru / solutions / ventilate /), which regulate the flow of fresh air from the street. Moreover, this happens not only without the constant opening and closing of the vents, but also without the slightest draft!
There is no particular secret here. The fact is that the ventilator works, roughly speaking, like an opening closed by a valve. With a small difference in pressure inside the house and outside, the “valve” is more open, and the air enters outside by “gravity”; in strong winds, the “valve” closes and lets in just as much air as you need.
Naturally, in reality, the ventilator (ru / solutions / ventilate /) is not just a hole in the wall, but a complex adjustable structure that not only lets air through, but also reliably blocks street noise.
In addition, the ventilator can be equipped with filters for air purification – including fine filters that remove odors and filters that protect against plant pollen. And even with an air pollution sensor, which, if necessary, itself turns on the mode of enhanced ventilation.
There are also ventilators specially designed for rooms with high humidity (bathroom, kitchen, etc.), where you need to constantly remove excess moisture from the air.
By the way, the ventilators can operate both autonomously (due to the difference in atmospheric pressure values ​​inside and outside the room) and from electricity: the mini-fan provides guaranteed ventilation even in calm weather.

Ventilators in our market are represented by the German company SIGENIA-AUBI, a European leader in the development and production of window fittings. Zigenia-Aubi is known for its innovative solutions for the “smart home” of the 21st century. An “intelligent home” is a comfortable and secure home in which the owner can calmly go about his business and relax: automatic systems provide opening and closing doors, turning on and off lights, ventilation and other necessary functions.
By itself, a separate ventilator (ru / solutions / ventilate /) “Zigenia-Aubi”, of course, is not yet a “smart home”, but it is already a big step towards the European quality of life and protected comfort. At the same time, the cost of any ventilator together with the installation is not at all European, but quite adapted to the Russian reality..
What’s more important: ventilators can be installed not only during construction or renovation! They can be easily mounted into finished walls and even into the frames of already installed windows..

Therefore, if you don’t want to put up with “strangers” at home, you can do the European way and install SIGENIA-AUBI ventilators. It’s simple and inexpensive. To learn more about the ventilators themselves and where they are sold, please visit the website of the Russian representative office of Zigenia-Aubi www.siegenia-aubi.ru.

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