What is the main difference between cheap plastic windows and expensive systems

At the moment, currently on the market there are a lot of various offers of PVC profiles and windows made of them. There are window mechanisms and profiles for making doors and windows cheap and quite expensive.

Selection of plastic windows

Presented are Russian manufacturers, manufacturers who have completely copied the profile of a well-known German or Dutch company. What is the difference between PVC profiles of all manufacturers of different price groups?

Most consumers are attracted by the moment of buying a cheaper product, everyone wants to save money. The temptation is extremely great. The question is: what will be the result of this savings, unfortunately, the result will not always be wonderful or even satisfactory, more often it happens that it is almost impossible to change something, it is difficult and expensive – especially when it comes to plastic windows or door blocks.

What is the main difference between standard public and expensive windows, even in the case when the same certificates with similar data are presented? First of all, you need to consider such a fundamental term as “product quality stability”.

Plastic windows

When it comes to a plastic window, we need to talk about the stability of the entire quality of raw materials in the molecular component of the chemical level and about the invariability in the production process. Considering that windows are bought for decades, the issue of purchasing them for the consumer becomes paramount..

The main indicator of stable production will be the availability of “DIN EN ISO 9001” certificate. This is the main one – the best quality control system, which allows to ensure stable and high quality of products at the level of technical specifications, and constant improvement of the production product. Therefore, all interested consumers, individuals or organizations, need to pay serious attention to whether the manufacturer has a production quality certificate. “Certificate of Conformity (GOST R) or RAL Certificate” indicates that the product presented for sale meets the necessary physical and mechanical properties, and the DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate – that the size and quantity of required components is controlled during the production process and their properties at the final stage.

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