What to choose: plastic or wooden windows?

Now plastic windows are very popular in Russia. While in Europe, natural wood is gaining great popularity. Let’s figure out what are the reasons for what is happening.

Environmentally friendly wooden windows

The tree at all times was considered an indicator of wealth and good taste. The cost of a high-quality wooden window per square meter sometimes reaches $ 170-220, and if it is made of beech or oak, then the cost doubles. The price of wooden windows is more than 50% higher than the cost of plastic windows, and therefore not everyone can afford such a pleasure..

The next reason is environmental friendliness of wood, because plastic is bad for human health. When coated with a special varnish, the wood can be slightly airy, which will give some ventilation even with tightly closed windows. In addition, the wood does not fog up, as happens with plastic when the air humidity in the room is very high. It does not change its own color even if used in a kitchen that does not have a hood. And mosquito nets will protect you from insects in summer.

Wood – very good heat insulator, it is pleasant to the touch at any temperature: in summer heat and in winter cold. Acid vapors and dioxins are not released from wood during a fire, which reduces the risk of poisoning people with combustion products.

Wooden windows are environmentally friendly

The main advantage of wooden frames is their long service life. Manufacturers of plastic windows claim that their products will last up to 25 years. But it must be borne in mind that with temperature fluctuations in a local climate (-50 – + 50C), the service life can be halved. In turn, the service life of a tree impregnated with a special agent (including an anti-septic one) can exceed 50 years. In any case, you can always order the repair of wooden windows.

Further, wood frame construction is stiffer, rather than PVC frames. The hinges of wooden windows withstand high loads. And, in addition, all modern anti-noise parts are used in the construction of modern wooden windows: triple and double glazing, gas filling of cavities and effective insulation. The client can choose modern fittings and frame colors.

Well, what do you prefer – prestigious and fashionable windows or safe and reliable – the choice is yours.

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