What you need to know when choosing a metal-plastic window

Reinforced-plastic windows protect a person’s home from heat leakage and noise penetration. Unfortunately, these expensive products are often presented on the market in the form of unreliable designs, and often outright fakes. Therefore, you need to be able to choose a high-quality window that will faithfully serve you for more than one decade..

The window consists of a plastic part of a frame and a sash, as well as a double-glazed window and fittings. For the production of frames and sashes, a special window profile is used. Its hollow system is internally divided by partitions into autonomous air chambers. Moreover, the more such cameras are in the profile, the higher its heat-saving properties..

What you need to know when choosing a metal-plastic window

The installation depth (profile thickness) may vary. For a conventional three-chamber profile, it is 60 mm. Such a window does not freeze in any weather conditions and has a very reasonable price..

The color of a quality profile does not change over time and does not exude odors. The window profile must be reinforced with a steel core having a U-shaped configuration or a closed square-section shape. The latter option is more preferable, giving the structure additional rigidity, but also somewhat more expensive in price.

Often, plastic windows are called double-glazed windows. And this is not entirely true. After all, a glass unit is only an integral part of the window. It is a hermetically sealed structure of two or three glasses.

An inert gas is located inside the energy-saving glass unit, and rarefied air is inside the ordinary one. The main reason for the heat loss of a window is through its transparent part. That is why, it is not the thickness of the profile that is more important, but the properties of the glass unit that you choose..

More recently, a two-chamber structure of three glasses with a thickness of 4 mm was considered an ideal glass unit. Nowadays, energy-saving double-glazed windows are deservedly gaining popularity. Even in a single-chamber version, its characteristics are one and a half times higher than those of a conventional two-chamber glass unit.

What you need to know when choosing a metal-plastic window

The advantage of this design is its lightness, which significantly reduces the load and increases the service life of the fittings. At the same time, the price of an energy-saving double-glazed window with one chamber inside is much less than the cost of a conventional two-chamber double-glazed window..

When choosing a window, remember that 17% of its cost is the price of fittings. It is not difficult to imagine how the cost of the structure can be reduced. This is used by some manufacturers, replacing expensive and high-quality branded accessories with a cheaper and, accordingly, less reliable analogue..

What you need to know when choosing a metal-plastic window

The result of these savings leads to big consumer problems. Please note that repairing fittings is a very difficult task, requiring production conditions, and sometimes a complete replacement of windows..

Take the advice and choose the right window that will serve you for many years. Let the warmth, silence and comfort in your home do not depend on the change in the weather outside the window.

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